Introduction== Rose is a former meber of CP9 and is currently the first mate of the Kitsune Pirates.


Rose is a tall woman with long red hair. She usually wear black gloves that come up almost to her shoulder. Her shirt is fashioed like a corset and she wears a tight black skirt. She always has a rose on her somewhere. On her right shoulder she has a tatoo of the World Government symbol.


Rose is usually sarcastic and cold, but extremely protective over those she loves. Despite her history with CP9, she is actually quite emotional and quick to anger. Since leaving CP9 she has attempted to open up more to people, but has difficulty. She often confides in Amira.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Rose dispalys a very powerful understanding of all of the six styles, but she has yet to be able to use Rokuogan.

Armed CombatEdit

Rose usually fights with a sword staff, if she uses a weapon at all.


Rose is able to handle many injuries at a time showing that she has a very high pain tolerence.


Rose can utilise all three forms of Haki.


Sometimes Rose lets her anger get the better of her, causing her judgement to be off.

Devil FruitEdit

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