Abilities and PowersEdit


Eren is a master of one sword style fighting. He is usually able to out fight other one sword style users and can hold his own against two and three sword style users. With his fruit active he will fight savagely using anything he can get his hands on.

Hand-To-Hand CombatEdit

Eren is weaker in hand to hand and tries to avoid it most of the time. If forced into it he will almost always draw a knife or two to get even a slight advantage.

Physical StrengthEdit

Erens strength is that of the strongest regular humans, it is only when his ability is activated that his strength becomes monsterous.


Eren is very fast normally and is an avid user of Soru. His reflexes are fast enough that he chose not to learn Kenbunshoku because he already operated on a fast enough level.


A single Katana carried in a black sheath. The Katanas edge is made of hardened seastone, the rest of the blade has trace amounts of seastone within it aswell. He also carries many knives hidden in his clothing but his katana is his weapon of choice.


Busoshoku- Master

Devils FruitEdit

chini chini Fruit- is a parmacia type Devils Fruit granting a constant immunity to any and all blood related ilnesses, the primary affect of this fruit however is only activated when the user sees or smells blood be it their own or anyone elses. This triggers a massive change in the users body and mind dramatically increasing their strength,speed,reflexes and healing, due to this more primal part of the brain the users senses can be heightened on demand. Each effect is heightened with the amount of blood spilled.  

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