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"Quickdraw" Neal
Quickdraw Neal Wanted Poster 50,000,000.png
Japanese Name: クイックドロー-ニール
Romanized Name: Kuikkudoro Niru
English Name: "Quickdraw" Neal
First Appearance: Unknown
Age: 19 (Pre-Time Skip)

21 (Post-Time Skip)

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood Type: S-
Birthdate: February 17
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 130 lbs
Island of Origin: Somewhere in the West Blue
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Epithet: Quickdraw, Predator of Justice, Fire-Eye
Crew: N/A
Position: N/A
Family: Deceased or Unknown
Current Bounty: Bsymbol.gif140,000,000
Dream: Defeating all evil on the sea, specifically the Wild Boar Pirates that are located in the New World
Bounty History
1st Bounty:



Defeating the corrupt Marine Captain Kabuto who was preying on

Chisana Kame, a small island in the West Blue

2nd Bounty:



Defeating the notorious pirate Black Cleaver Qingyong who had a bounty of Bsymbol.gif98,000,000 and his crew.

Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: 倉庫倉庫の実
Romanized Name: Soko Soko no Mi
English Name: Store-Store Fruit
Meaning: Warehouse/Storehouse
Type: Paramecia


"Quickdraw" Neal, also known by his alternative epithet as the "Predator of Justice", is a bounty hunter from the West Blue. He was known for going after the bounties of the most heinous and dangerous pirates in the West Blue along with some members of the underground mafia before entering the Grand Line. His dream is to defeat all evil on the sea, a goal that has led him into some trouble with corrupt Navy officials.

Although he is a bounty hunter, "Quickdraw" Neal was given his first bounty, a bounty of Bsymbol.gif50,000,000, after defeating Marine Captain Kabuto and his crew on the island of Chisana Kame in the West Blue. Kabuto had been embezzling money from the islanders by forcing them to pay for protection and then hiring pirates to attack villages that did not pay the fees. Although some Navy officials knew about Kabuto's actions, they were unwilling to act against them. After Neal defeated Kabuto, the Marine Captain was arrested, but the Navy believed that they had to discipline someone who would act against them and set the bounty on his head.

After receiving a bounty, Neal decided to head for the Grand Line in order to pursue higher bounties and get one step closer to hunting down the Wild Boar Pirates who destroyed his home island and killed his family. Later, on the Grand Line after defeating many strong pirates, the Navy realized the danger of a criminal with his level of strength and raised "Quickdraw" Neal's bounty to Bsymbol.gif140,000,000. The many pirates who have faced him believe that this bounty is a far underestimation of his true skills.


Neal is a slim man of a decent height at 5 feet and 10 inches. He has chocolate-brown skin and jet-black hair. His red eyes, where his name "Fire-Eye" comes from, are usually slightly closed as he is usually quite tired. He usually wears a black cloth mask over his nose and mouth and a dragon pendant.

His typical outfit consists of a dark jacket, either black or brown, over a white shirt with black pants. Sometimes the jacket is removed during parties and hot weather.

Neal is usually not seen with any weapons or tools on his person as he can simply summon them using his devil fruit power. During combat, he is usually seen with his weapon, The Sun Sword.


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  • The Sun Sword (太陽の剣 Taiyō no Ken): Sword

Devil Fruit

Name: Soko Soko no Mi (Store-Store Fruit)

Summary: The Soko Soko no Mi is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit that enables the user the ability to store inanimate objects in a pocket dimension and some physical attributes within themselves, thus making the user a Storage Human (ストレージ人間 Sutorēji Ningen). 

Type: Paramecia

Usage: In battle, Neal is known to withdraw weapons such as swords and guns in order to fight his enemies. He also tends to deposit the weapons of his enemies within the storage space if they get too close to him, rendering them unarmed. He is also able to store the kinetic energy from melee attacks such as punches as soon as they make contact with his body in order to render the attacks completely ineffectual and storing the energy for later use. His many uses with energy storage have also allowed him to gain superhuman strength and speed by withdrawing energy that he has stored over the day as well as send cannonballs flying towards enemies by withdrawing them with added kinetic energy. The storing of excess energy does cause Neal to eat more and move slower than the average person while out of combat.

Outside of battle, Neal has used this ability to store food and water for long trips as well as store his entire ship when he goes on land. This allows him to prevent thieves from stealing his ship or treasure. He has also been known to fix structures and items in the aftermath of his fights by storing and manipulating the broken pieces back together with stored building supplies. For entertainment, Neal has sometimes been seen summoning coins and other items from his storage as parlor tricks during celebrations.


Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King


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