7even D. Lorenzo (formerly known as 8ight D. Lorenzo), is the older brother of 7even D. Robert, first mate of the Techno Pirates, and former marine. He has a bounty of 490,000,000 beri. He ate the Switch Switch Fruit. He is currently 29 years old.

Th (28)

Lorenzo working undercover in Alabasta pre tiemskip

Th (27)

"Traitor" 7even D. Lorenzo after the timeskip

Th (25)

Lorenzo and Robert using haki.

Th (24)

Lorenzo vs Robert after switching bodies

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pinpoint AccuracyEdit

During his adventures he used many guns with pinpoint accuracy.


During his fights woth his kid brother he used busoshoku and kenbunshoku haki.


  • He is technically the half brother of Spike.
  • Before he yielded to Robert he was in the navy... marines.
  • He is older than Robert.
  • He can use a sword better than Robert.
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