A dangerous union! Race to the light!

Somewhere in the new world, there is said to be a ghost ship, the only inhabitants, beings that move without thought. This ship is normally avoided by marines and pirates alike. Many ships run into it, include this one.

Besai: Hey Tia, can you come look at this?

A young lady, with white wings on her back ran forwards towards the bow. Directly in front, not that far away was a large ship.

Tia [Growing pale]: That looks like a ghost ship!

Besai [Eyes sparkling]: So cool~!

Sourl: G-g-g-ghost ship?

Samuel: It wouldn't be a ghost ship. Everything has an explanation.

Ryan [Holding onto Sourl]: It's still scary!

Besai: We're going to explore it!

Sourl: But Besai, what about the ghosts?

Besai had made up her mind. As the boat was attached to the ghost ship, all eight members on board lept onto the ship and started to explore it. Becuase of thi they did not see the second ship, this one a marine ship heading towards the ghost ship. The ship was the very same ship that led the Blood Devil Armada led by Akuma himslef.

Akuma: Dargaine....Is that the ship?

Dargaine: Yes sir!....It's the freaking ghost ship....

Akuma: Perfect! Ready to embark unto it's deck and find who we are after....There's a good chap!

Dargaine gather a good number of men and as the ghost ship came close they lept aboard the ship and began to search. Meanwhile deeper in the ship another crew of pirates other than Besai and her crew, this crew was being led by a man with Ghost White hair.

Zero: Hmm i'm no shipwright but i don't thik a ship in that state should be sailing....

Idate: Ya think?! I mean come on this should be somewhere at the bottom of the sea being used as a fishman club or something!

Ayane: Calm down Idate....We're here to figure out why this wreck is around.

Idate sighed and followed his crew around the lower decks.

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