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General information

Abu is a 17-year old boy from the North Blue. He is 180cm (5'11) tall, slim and brown-haired. His eyes are a mix of gray, green, and blue. Abu is the son of the Navy Admiral, Kizaru(Borsalino). Abu is one of the youngest people ever to reach the Marine Vice-Admiral rank. As a Vice-Admiral, he is usually seen using the standard Navy coat, with the exception of brown epaulets.

He ate the devil fruit Ope Ope no Mi.


Abu (best known for his alias Chanomin) is considerably lazy, in which he is similar with his father. Usually when he has to do something, he always tries to do as little as possible. He is great at manipulating people and making friends(or enemies). He comes off as a laid-back, easygoing boy like his father. Abu seems to take most things lightly no matter the severity of the situation. He talks in a calm voice suiting this demeanor — in a sarcastically intonated, slow manner with the last syllable of a sentence often drawn out (usually the sentence-final particles "ne" (ね, "ne"?) or "yo"(よ, "yo"?) for emphatic effect). He is prone to beginning sentences with a stressed "ooh", such as when observing something surprising or that piques his interest. Still, his register is quite formal using the polite "desu"/"masu" and taking care to address certain people with an honorific (such as his superior or even a pirate of high status). A small fact: Abu is extremely selfconscious about their hands specifically, not that they think that they look bad, but just that they like.. never know what to do with them? They just constantly shift their hands around in different poses trying to find one that looks "cool" or "natural", they'll like touch their face for a few seconds, then put their hands in their lap, then casually rest a hand on their shoulder, etc. etc. Abu likes to read philosophical books, and often thinks about un-answerable questions. One major weakness is that Abu is often detached from himself and his inner world almost to the point where he basically doesn't even know anything about himself. It seems sometimes he has no clue what he likes or what are his goals or who he should be, and is often stuck feeling like a blank shell of a person but has no idea what to do about it because he's so unfamiliar with any form of introspection or self-evaluation.


Abu was born in a non-specified island in the North Blue. His mother is unknown, but his father is the Navy Admiral Kizaru. He was raised very strictly by his mother(???), and he rebelled a lot because growing up he felt that he couldn't fit the expectations therefore becaming lazy. He then was trained for 5 years by his father, who fed him the Ope Ope no Mi fruit and trained his Haki to a master level. Abu's medical- and almost god-like escaping skills have made him truly valuable to the Navy, and earned him a rank of Vice-Admiral. In the Navy, Abu mostly is on the move in The New World.



Abu can use at least 2 kinds of Haki: Kenbunshou Haki and Haoshoku Haki. While training with his father, he was proven to be abnormally good at Kenbunshou Haki; he could see almost a minute into the future, since becoming almost unbeatable. This ability is used by Abu a lot, mainly for running away, tho.


Abu is capable of almost all of the 6 powers, excluding Finger Pistol and Tekkai (Iron body) He has a mastery of Soru (Shave) and Kami-e (Paper arts)

Devil Fruit

Check Ope Ope no Mi