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Captain Adamah Wolfe of The Blood Pirates

Name: Adamah Wolfe
Affiliations: The Blood Pirates
Occupations: Pirate Captain, Swordsman
Epithet: "Blood Wolf"
Age: 21
Birthday: September 12th
Height: 6"2
Bounty: [1]120,000,000

Adamah Wolfe, also known as "Blood Wolf", is a pirate and a former World Noble.

He is the founding member and Captain of the Blood Pirates and is considered the most dangerous member in the crew. Born the son of a World Noble, his fathers bloodline was disgraced after being caught conspiring with the Revolutionary Army. After witnessing his parents and brothers executions at the age of 7, he vowed to take up a sword and exact vengence on the World Government. He has trained extensively in the art of Nitoryu (two swords) style and aims to take down the World Government at all costs.He has a current bounty of [2]45,000,000


Wolfe is a tall, muscular man with light skin. He is always seen with his katanas restin

g on his right hip when not in his hands. He has long red hair and matching eyes with a stripe of beard extending down his chin and up his jawline. Other notable features are 3 markings under each eye and tribal tattoos extending up his stomach and chest. He is consistently seen wearing a dark green robe covering a skull strapped to his chest with chains, black trousers, a dark green sash and green and black shoes.

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