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Agendarth or simply known as The Arch Enemy, is a ancient Dragon that has existed before man first learned to write. His power turned Yoeman Island into a wasteland and nearly whipped out all of humanity. However for the last 2000 years Agendarth has been asleep and only has awaken after his resting places was disturned.


Agendarth is a giant black dragon that is large then the horizon. His wings are so large that he can pick up a giant and fly off with him. Agendarth has three scars just above his right eye and a crimson mark on the center of his chest.


Agendarth is arogant and a liar. He underestimates most of his opponents and lets his name and size alone do most of his fighting.

Abilities and Powers

Agendarth is a Dragon and as a result he has super human strenght and the ability to fly.

Devil Fruit

Mayu Mayu no Mi


Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments


Everything in Agendarth's intro is actully false. Agendarth is not really 2000 years old nor does he have the power to destroy a island. The destruction of Yoeman Island was actully the result of a volcano, which Agendarth had nothing to do with. In fact the volcano eruption was the very reason Agendarth became a dragon.

Agendarth is the consumer of the Mayu Mayu no mi. This gives him the ability to transform his body into any shape he desires. However this requires him to cacoon himself and under go the transformtion. Agendarth used this power when he found himself trapped inside a cave blocked by molten lava. In despiration Agendarth went into the cacoon to escape the deadly toxic gass that escaped with the lava. At the time Agendarth chose to transform into the thing he thought it would take his body the longest to transform into. That thing was a dragon.

Over the years people have found Agendarth's cacoon and thought that it was the egg of a Dragon. Because of that rumors and stories were made about a mighty Dragon in the region. Agendarth simply took advantage of this once he finally imerged from the egg 50 years later. Agendarth uses his fearson reputation and monsterous form as a easy win and fearsome weapon. Agendarth is only truly 75.

Character Design

A Final Boss with a twist.