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Ivory Ivory Fruit
Japanese Name: Aiborii Aiborii no Mi
English Name: Ivory Ivory Fruit
Meaning: Ivory
First Appearance: {{{first}}}
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Simon Lightstep

The Ivory Ivory Fruit is a Paramecia type that allows the user to produce Ivory from their body and detach it at will, the user is also able to reabsorb the Ivory back into their body.


The fruit appears as a coconut shape with a smooth surface and completely white in color and almost as hard as a rock but is able to be cut by a normal knife, the taste is said to be like "Rotting Tree Bark" or what you would imagine that would taste like.


The fruit allows the user to encase their body in Ivory effectively forming armor around themselves, they are also able to create weapons out of the Ivory as they can shape it in any way they like allowing the user to create pretty much any meleé weapon and bows too when a Bowstring is added. The user may manipulate any ivory produced by themself up to 100 metres away unless blocked by the ocean or seastone (Ivory touched by the ocean or seastone is no longer "produced" by the user)

Weaknesses & Limitations

The user suffers standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses. If used repetetively, the user may get fatigued quicker than normal.


  • Aiborii-Furiizu (Ivory Freeze): Encases a 5 metre sphere around the user completely in Ivory, this is useful for stopping cannonballs that have almost reached you or wiping out many crowded people.
  • Aiborii-Torippuwaiyā (Ivory Tripwire): Makes multiple long threads of Ivory between the user and the target and some of the surrounding area, anything caught in the tripwire will be trapped inside and sliced by the thin strong threads of Ivory.
  • Aiborii Aiborii no Gai (Ivory Ivory Scythe): The user creates pads on most of their joints and creates Scythe blades attached to them to allow a unique fighting style to be used by the user.