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"You killed my family members... You destroyed my village... and now your out to kill my new family?! I won't let that slide, as the sniper of the Scarface Pirates, I'll blow you away before you get close to them!" - Akane"



Japanese Name: あかねつきよみ
Romanized Name: Akane
English Name: Akanē
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: The Blazing Pirates
Occupations: Pirate, Sniper
Epithet: Blood Red Sniper (ちのあかそげぐ, Chi no Aka Soge,?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 24 (debut)
25 (after timeskip)
Birthday: November 1
Height: 5'8
Bounty: Bsymbol1024,000,000
strong points:

Akanē (バ・ブ Akane?) is one of the main protagonists of One Piece: Undying Dreams and is part of the main crew of the story. She is a the current Sniper and Cannoneer of the Blazing Pirates. She was formerly a hunter on her home island of Shoze, but her island was invaded by marines to kill off the last link of the legendary weapon creators, for studying illegal weaponry and ammunition. As well as creating illegal guns. The marines killed her father and were out to kill her, before they could Hiro and his crew broke in and defeated all the marines with Tsuki's help. After defeating them all, Akane decided to leave with Hiro to fulfill her fathers dream of being free, and her own to gain a new family.


Akane has fair skin and has red hair that extends down to her lower back. Before the timeskip, Akane commonly wore a leather black and flame-designed red bra and black rubber-leather short-shorts, with a white cracked skull accessory on her head and two yellow chopsticks to keep her hair up. Pink thigh-high hose-like latex and a pair of white and flame-designed red calf-high boots complete the outfit. On her back and at her waist she carries her seastone weapons. Two years later, Akane wears an outfit similar to the former, however with the notable additon of a dark maroon jacket and thigh-high variants of her old boots and no stockings. Still at her back and waits, she keeps her seastone weapons.



Tsuki carries more than one gun, she carries two pistols and one sniper rifle on her back. She also carries a machete.

She has a distinct laugh of "Hakufuffu"

Tsuki has a catchphrase: I'm gonna blow you away!

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