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Akane Sakura
Name. Akane Sakura
Species. Human.
Birthday. August 5th.
Age. 17 Pre-Timeskip.

19 Post-Timeskip.

Gender. Male.
Height. 168 CM. Pre-Timeskip.

168 CM. Post-Timeskip.

Weight. One Hundred seven (lbs). Pre-Timeskip.

One Hundred seventeen (lbs) Post-Timeskip.

Eye Colour. Brown.
Hair Colour. Black
Professional Status.
Personal Status.

Akane Sakura, is a pirate, a swordman, and the official cook and second mate of the White Fang Pirates, she is the fifth member to be recruited into the crew by the captin Daichi Hayato, and one of the three strongest members of the crew.

She originated from Calm Belt from an island called Yin Yang Island, where she was taught the usage of The Transcendent Mind. In her travels with the White Fang Pirates Sakura gained the high bounty of 270 million Beli, her epithet is Yin Yang Sakura .

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