A very happy bird.

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Parot
Blood type: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Island of Origin:

Majora Island

Occupation: Pet, Pirate
Epithet: "Dragon-Bird"

Masked Pirates

Position: Pet

Marcus Soarian

Bounty: 20,000,000

Arilius is Marcus Soarian's pet parrot. He is known to always be seen with Marcus and to stand on the butt of Marcus's sword.


Arilius is a small green parakeet.


Arilius seems to be very loyal to Marcus and almost never leaves his side. Only leaving to avoid Marcus in battle with somebody. (arilius has been in battle with soarian only once to show his true form and power). Arilius

Abilities and powersEdit

Dragon AriliusEdit

Arilius' true form is that of a dragon. Whenever Soarian removes Arilius' parrot mask, dragon arilius comes out to help his friend.

Dragon arilius snakes around oponents, breathes fire, and is a master at flying and manuvering.

Rouru MarkEdit

Being good friends with the Rouru tribe, arilius was given the rouru mark as a gift. Arilius uses this power to see the air around him to manuver in the sky at a much more extreem degree than most other dragons.


Arilius is always seen with Marcus, and never leaves his sight.


Arilius met Soarian at Majora Island, and became friends with soarian after he learned that soarian wasn't afraid of him. After Soarian put the parot mask on Him, he and soarian spent alot of time at the rouru tribe. it is there that Arilius and soarian learned the Rouru mark from the tribe's shaman and became part of the rouru tribe.


"Mask off, now!" ~Arilius


  • Arilius is named after the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.
  • Arilius was originally going to be a parakeet.
  • Arilius is as strong as any member of the crew, but is less of a show off as others, and prefers to keep his true dragon form hidden.

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