(Real name: Arsona D. Wyvern)

Pre time~skip age: 15

Post time~skip age: 17

Gender: Female

First appearance: ???

Species: Human

Blood type: B

Birthdate: 10/8

Height: "5" foot "8"

Weight: "How Much Do You Like Bullets In Your Head?"

Birthplace: Sniper Island

Occupation: Sniper of Kara's Unnamed Crew

'Family': ???

Current Bounty: 100,000,000 Beli

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Beli 50,000,000

Reason: Sniping 30 Nobles at the royal ceremony.

2nd Bounty: Beli 100,000,000


Dream: to shoot one of the Yonko

Devil Fruit

Japanese name: ???

English name: Shoot-Shoot Fruit

Abilities: Allows the user to fire bullets and cannonballs from any part of their body, and lets the user to create them.

Type: Paramecia

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Arsona has black hair and blue eyes, she has an amount of strange swirly tattoos on her arm, she has a pair of black fingerless gloves and wears a black tank-top.


She has a rather very flirty personality and is very arrogant, She can be depressed sometimes and just smoke for a while, and She is usually tired.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

She can use 2 forms of Haki and is an amazing sniper.


Kara MellEdit

She Respects her very much since she is her captain and they spent a lot of time together.

Munroe JethroEdit

Arsona is in love with Munroe Jethro for reasons known to her alone.

Demetrius D. XaiverEdit

She Dislikes him for his "wife" becoming an enemy of Kara's.


She Hates her for angering Kara.

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