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Artemis D. Falko

Dragon D. Kami



Japanese Name: アルテミス.D.ファルコ
Romanized Name: Arutemisu D.Faruko
English Name: Artemis D. Falko
Debut: Chapter 1
Affiliations: Shitenno
Marines (Former)
CP9 (Former)
Occupations: Captain (Former)
Cipher Pol Agent (former)
Epithet: Implacable Emperor (冷酷な皇帝 Reikokuna kōtei?)
The War God (軍神 Gunshin?);
The Conqueror (征服者 Seifuku-sha?)
Age: 18 (Debut)
20 (after timeskip)
Birthday: April 16th
Height: 181cm (5'11") (Debut)
183cm (6'0") (after timeskip)
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Juna Juna no Mi
English Name: Malleable-Malleable Fruit
Meaning: Malleable
Type: Paramecia

"Implacable Emperor" Artemis D. Falko, is a Former Marine Captain and CP9 Agent before he defected along with hia Squad after the Skyline War. He was born and raised on Pleasure Island an Island Located in the Grand Line, two days after his childhood friend and commander Blade D. Kris.

He is rumored to be a direct descendant and the successor to One of the kings of the Twenty Kingdoms, which makes him a Noble by birth right but unlike many other Noble's, he has no interest in owning slaves and also does not believe in any of their beliefs. It was said that he disagreed with the Noble's belief in blood purity and defied their traditions.

He is feared and renowned around the world as The War God (軍神 Gunshin?) for his ruthlessness when it comes to those that he believes are threatening the peace of the world and also gained the epithet of the Implacable Emperor (冷酷な皇帝 Reikokuna kōtei?) due to the fact that no matter how many enemies attacked any strong holds or islands he is in charge of he always remains unyielding and irremovable as an emperor defending his kingdom.

His life long goal is to protect and ensure that his childhood friend and love intrest Blade D. Kris Achieves her goals. He has eaten the Juna Juna no Mi.


Falko is a, well-built, handsome young man with fair skin, Golden yellow hair (which is actually surprisingly soft) and striking bright orange/green eyes, and has an air of "casual elegance" about himself. This vestige of aristocratic beauty is apparently an attribute he inherited from his mother as numerous people who knew his parent's often commented about his striking resemblance to his mother. It was shown during a Flashback, that when he was fifteen-year-old, Falko was often ogled by many of the females, due to his considerable good looks and casual yet elegant attitude.

His Usual Attire Consists of Black Pant's with a black belt, a white Dress Shirt and Black Tie, Black Boots.

Unlike most of male Characters in the One Piece World, Falko Doesn't wear the same outfit throughout most of the series, Similar to the Female Characters, some who change frequently. Falko may wear a different outfit to suit the climate of an island.

After the two year skil, a few things have changed, his Hair Grew longer and he has gained more muscle mass and height.

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