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This article of, Ashikage Souji, is the Treasure belonging to the The Perverted God-King.

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Ashikage Souji
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Japanese Name: 足利総司
Romanized Name: Ashikage Souji
English Name: Ashikage Souji
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliations: Wano Country (Former)
Occupations: Pirate; Swordsman
Epithet: White Demon (白い悪魔 Shiroyasha?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 30 (Debut)
32 (after timeskip)
Birthday: August 10th
Height: 198cm (6'6")
strong points:

Ashikage Souji (足利・総司 Ashikage Souji?), feared as The White Demon (白い悪魔 Shiroyasha?) is a Swordsman from the Wano Country in the New World and is Responsible for the Death of Over two Hundered Marine's in the New World and Grand Line. He is noted for his excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels and For his Immense Speed and Great Skill and Precision in Ittō-ryū and Iaido, even from a very young age.

He is the Childhood Friend of the Swift Demon (迅鬼 Jinki?) Dracule Sakura and the One Time Student of Hawk-Eyes (鷹の目 Taka no Me?) Dracule Mihawk. He has a Bounty of Bsymbol.gif120,000,000.


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Souji has half-lidded red "dead fish eyes" as many calls it and wavy and silver hair. As he is a Samurai/Swordsman, Souji appears to be very muscly and strong. He is slightly tanned, and is very tall. He almost always carries around his Most treasured Sword Shisui over his left hip, allowing him to easily draw it with his right hand. His left hand is usually seen resting over it, though he can also use this hand to pull his sword out before sitting down.

In his original appearance Souji wore a black long sleeved form fitting Haori tucked into black pants, Above this traditional armour — similar to that of samurai — worn over a simple black suit. This armour was constructed from numerous metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along his body, in particular: chest, waist, shoulders and thighs. Unusually, his chest plate left his back entirely exposed, above this he wore a long white short sleeves Coat, Along with a Long White Headband.

Souji also from time to time wore a White kimono with a blue sash and he typically wears a pale blue haori on top of his kimono and white socks with slippers.

After the two year timeskip, Souji's neck appears much thicker and more muscular and his hair became slightly longer. Souji now wears a white yukata (a summer kimono) with light blue patterns, draped over his left shoulder. He has a black short sleeved shirt with red lines underneath, Black almost leather pants, and Black boots with red shene to it. Souji has also gained more muscle. He also appears to have gotten taller. Shisui is strapped over his left hip.

As a Child before Meeting Mihawk he is Seen wearing a Grey yukata along with zōri sandals and is holding Shisui.


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