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*yawn* Why did you wake me up from my nap? I was having such a nice dream too... Oh, we're fighting someone? Why didn't anyone tell me? ...Eh? You tried to wake me up? That's impossible, I'm a light sleeper. ...Hm? You're saying I'm a really heavy sleeper? Don't be ridiculous. ...Oh! Right, I was going to fight someone. ...What was your name again? ...I'm not going to remember that.

Asparta H. Kyoto



Japanese 京都
Romanized Asparta H. Kyoto
English Asparta H. Kyoto
Epithet(s) "Wandering Sleeper" (さまようスリーパー Samayō surīpā)
Personal Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human (Pre-Timeskip)
Cyborg (Post-Timeskip)
Age 18 (Debut)
20 (Post-Timeskip)
Birthday December 18th
Status Alive
Height 175.5cm
Weight 136 Ibs.
Blood Type O-
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Heiko Pirates
Occupation Pirate
Relative(s) Rinpaichi Sakusoto ("grandfather", deceased)
Asparta Tina (mother, deceased)
Asparta Ein (father, deceased)
Solar Lily (aunt)
Asparta Mayoi (older brother)
Mentor(s) Rinpaichi Sakusoto
Devil Fruit
Debut Trials of the World, Chapter 1
Bounty Bsymbol000,000,000
Leitmotif ~ Evil Pig Boss, Tomba 1 ~
~ Helmaroc King, Wind Waker HD ~

Asparta H. Kyoto, also known as "Wandering Sleeper, Kyoto", is the Captain of the Heiko Pirates, hailing from West Blue on an island known as Xei. Due to his parents not being around too often, Kyoto had to fend off for himself the majority of his time on Xei, to which he had taken the habit of stealing from others. Because of this habit, Kyoto was known around the island as a thief, constantly being ridiculed by citizens and merchants alike. However, not everyone considered Kyoto an enemy, as some were tolerable of habit.

During his time on Xei, long before Trials of the World began, Kyoto took in two children under his wing, providing them shelter and teaching them his stealing abilities. Before his departure, he promised to return to Xei, bringing his crew and a bunch of food, so they could all have a feast together and eat like a family.

The Heiko Pirates are the overall Main Protagonists of Trials of the World, often dealing with infamous Pirate Crews and Organizations that the World Government had trouble dealing with themselves. Because of their actions, they've made several allies, as well as several enemies, making them known well throughout the Grand Line as a powerful crew.


Asparta H Kyoto Pre Full

Full appearance of Kyoto before the Timeskip

Kyoto is a moderately tall pale-skinned human with short bed hair-like red hair that protrudes in several directions, overall being similar in each area, rather than most hairstyles where one area of hair has more than others. His eyebrows are somewhat larger than most, having a tad bit more hair in those areas than others would. His eye color, however, is vastly different than others, not sharing his eye color, nor scalera, with any members of his family, nor with any other being on the planet. Rando suspects that Kyoto has some type of genetic mutation in his eyes, but they provide nothing special other than a higher sense of vision than others, allowing Kyoto to see further than most. Because of his nature, most of the time Kyoto is shown to have a smile on his face, but his eyelids are near closed, because he is constantly tired.

Kyoto's attire can be considered rather plain compared to most, as he lacks any type of accessories that could augment his appearance, excluding the necklace that was given to him by his deceased grandfather, Rinpaichi Sakusoto. Kyoto wears a red robe that could be zipped up through the middle. The sleeves are rather long in nature, as there are times when Kyoto's hands are unseen to the world, whether he's in battle or just standing still. The robe can also be reversible, as the inside is a different color than the outside, allowing Kyoto to change his outward appearance, if he deemed fit. The robe is also shown to be used a hoodie, allowing Kyoto to protect himself from rain or other things that could come crashing from the sky. For footwear, Kyoto wears blue sandals that are open near the toe area. Around his legs, he wears some type of white cloth that extends from an unknown point to the bottom of the sandals, making it somewhat tight.

Asparta H Kyoto Post Full

Full appearance of Kyoto after the Timeskip

After the Timeskip, Kyoto's appearance somewhat changes. Due to the loss of his eyes after the battle that completely incapacitated him, Kyoto's eyes were replaced by eyes created by Rando, to which Hoshi transplanted them into Kyoto's eye sockets. Also, due to this certain battle, Kyoto's body had to go under massive surgery. However, Hoshi knew that keeping him human would certainly bring death to Kyoto, so Hoshi turned Kyoto into a several, bestowing him certain enhancements and abilities, such as being able to split his right arm into two, or being able to detach one of his hands to either display the seastone cords hidden under one of them, or the cannon that another has. Kyoto's hairstyle has also changed, not being the short messy hair he had before, but a longer version that is more contained that covers his right eye the majority of the time. Despite all this, however, Kyoto's usual garb has not changed, preferring to keep it, stating that it's very comfortable, and allows him to sleep faster.

Kyoto Kid

Kyoto as a kid

As a child, Kyoto's facial features are similar to those that he had before the Timeskip. His hair apparently has always been messy, having very little care in keeping it contained. However, it is also apparent that Kyoto has a love for robes, because even as a child, Kyoto wore a robe, despite it being colored differently than what he currently has. It was a green robe that had a white scarf-like protrusion from it that covered the area around his neck.

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