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Japanese Name: アスターイア
Romanized Name: Asutaaia
English Name: Asteria
First Appearance:
Affiliations: The Sorcery Pirates
Eclipse Legion
Occupations: Pirate; Captain
Epithet: The Dark Sorcerer (暗いの魔術師 Kurai no Majutsu-shi?)
Hecate (ヘカテ Hekate?)
Japanese VA: Shoko Tsuda
Funi English VA: Christine Auten
Age: 31 (Debut);
33 (after timeskip)
Birthday: October 31st
Height: (6'2¼")"
Bounty: Bsymbol10 ???,???,???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Juyo Juyo no Mi
English Name: Weak Weak Fruit
Meaning: Weak Boson
Type: Logia

— Asteria

Asteria (アスターイア, Asutaaia), also known as , The Dark Sorcerer (暗いの魔術師, Kurai no Majutsu-shi), is the Main, and Final Antagonist of One Tomorrow, and the captain of The Sorcery Pirates. Not only this, however Asteria os the founder, and leader of the Eclipse Legion, an army which serves under The Sorcery Pirates . Not only this, but she also pulled the strings behind the Syndicate, an organization lead by Orion. Asteria's infamy does not stop there, for she is also widely regarded as Hecate(ヘカテ, Hekate) in the Underworld. Asteria currently holds the desire to abolish the current system, by destroying the Three Great Powers, as well as finding and claiming the highly illusive, One Piece, and becoming the Pirate Queen.

Asteria made her first appearance during the end of the Syndicate Saga, appearing during Orion's battle with Hiro Xanthe. At this time, Asteria simply watches the battle unfold, and the aftermath, finally commenting after the battle that Hiro Xanthe may be a threat. She then appears again during the Glaze Peninsula Arc, once again spectating Hiro's actions in defeating her "Corrupt Faction". She then appears again during the Swordsman Island Arc, this time declaring Hiro as a threat to her goal due to his actions during the Syndicate Saga and the Glaze Peninsula Arc. The two then engage in combat, however Hiro is quickly overpowered by the vicious female, only for the battle to be interrupted by Wakashu Hana and Leonardo. Leaving one last message to the crew, Asteria departs, returning to her own crew. This is her final appearance until after the Timeskip, where she has become even more of a threat than before, having become much stronger, as well as having accumulated more forces. From here on out, she makes periodical appearances, acting as the Final Antagonist of the story.

Asteria has committed numerous crimes as her time as a pirate, which ultimately gained her a bounty of Bsymbol-----. Furthermore, Asteria has demonstrated usage of a Logia-class Devil Fruit, the Juyo Juyo no Mi, or "Weak Weak Fruit", as it is known in English. The Jaku Jaku no Mi is a powerful Devil Fruit which allows her to produce, manipulate, and materialize gravitons, granting her a powerful variety of abilities and techniques which add her in her goals, as well as making her an even more formidable foe, and powerful fighter as a whole.


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Asteria takes the appearance of a young woman with short, blonde hair, which is fashioned in a more "unkept" manner, as well as and beautiful brown eyes. Like most One Piece women, she displays curvaceous and voluptuous figure, all of the while having her Crew's Emblem on the side of her shin. Upon her right arm however, sits numerous scars, obtained in the past by unknown means. Her attire is quite basic, consisting of a dark red bandeau, with a white, flowery lining. The lower half is made up black and white pin-striped pants, and red sandals. Tied around her waist, Asteria wears a dark red jacket with golden trimming. Along the entire wrists of the aforementioned jacket are numerous rhinestones, signifying wealth of sorts. Upon her left forearm, she wears her signature weapon at all times, which is ultimately a band that's ornamented by a wing-like motif on the side, which acts as a weapon in itself. Upon her right arm, she dons a large, golden gauntlet which covers the entire arm. To finish off her attire, around her neck, Asteria wears a dickey which is of the same colorscheme as the badeau, however the dickey has a golden trim around the edges.


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