Atsuryoku Atsuryoku no Mi

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Japanese Name: 圧力
English Name: Pressure Pressure Fruit
Meaning: Pressure
Type: Paramecia
Power: Create pressures
Eaten By: Keisan
Creator: User:ChopperFan


The Atsuryoku Atsuryoku no Mi lets the user manipulate pressure in nearby objects.


Released when I think of something good.


Used to create air canons, water jets, earth bombs, and fight



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


  • Pin1: Creates a large continuous air pressure release to pin a foe to a wall or ground.
  • Pin2: Creates a large burst of air pressure in a small location to create pin sized holes in the opponent
  • Water spout 1: Builds small water pressure for small attacks, mainly used for small fires or to shoo away angered dogs.
  • Water Spout 2: Builds large water pressure to push back opponents or to pin them on the ground.
  • Water Spout Mock 3: Builds tremendous pressure to spout water at high speeds (fast enough to slice through rocks).
  • Water Spout Stage 3.5: Builds incredible pressures for a period of time to make water able to slice through most metals.
  • Earth Bomb: Pressurising dirt or other earthy materials to create a mud or earth explosion
  • Great Whirlwind: Builds air pressure for a period of time to create large gusts of wind powerful enough to knock over trees.


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