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     Axel Magnuson/Abilities and Powers     
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Japanese Name: ?????
Romanized Name: Axel Magnuson
English Name: Axel Magnuson
Affiliation: Sprenger Pirates
Occupation: Pirate
Epithet: "Blue Fist"
Bounty: UnknownBsymbol
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Created by: Djolee5
      Devil Fruit     
Japanese Name: Unknown
English Name: Unknown
Meaning: Unknown
Type: Unknown

"People like you irritate me. The people that think they were born with the right to judge others, to tell others who they are. You're no different from that scum Sakazuki. People like you must learn to humble themselves and acknowledge the existance and the desires of others that surround them."

Axel has trained to fight in New World under extreme conditions. Science he was little child he has shown abilities that normal humans didn't have so his parents have taken him at the most powerful Fishman there is. And that Fishman name was Jinbe. After his training with Jinbe was finished Jinbe told him to go to New World andd train on his own and beacome great fighter. So one day he meet Alaude Hasegawa famous piratethat sailed the seas in that time and joined his crew.

Physical PowersEdit

Axel's physical powers are high above normal.Science he was trained by Jinbe and trained in New World he can easily beat anyone who stands in his way and he can also battle on equal with his captain Alaude Hasegawa but he can't win because of one technique that Alaude has.

He has enormous streinght, speed, endurance and etc. His streinght when he lands punch on someone he can beat him with no problems.

He also has enormous speed just like Jinbe, well he is not so fast but he is fast enough to dodge everything.

His eudirance, agility are also very high.

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