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There shall always be people who spill blood. For purposes both evil and good. It is not power that turns the world around, oh dear no. It is blood. Carnage. The very essence of combat is what makes the world move forward and step back. We try to avert conflict? For what reason? We are bound to it. We are nothing more than primitive animals, who are attempting to survive in a world through negotiation and sophistication? Don't make me laugh. All you idiots are attempting something beyond your control. As of now...I give you the right to kneel before me, or die in the gruesome world of blood!
— Azalea to an unnamed Marine Base prior to its destruction.
Bloody Azalea (血塗れアザレア Chimamire Azarea)
Name Azalea
Kanji アザレア
Romanji Azarea
Epithet Bloody Azalea (血塗れアザレア Chimamire Azarea)
Bounty BBsymbol10 450,000,000
Affiliation Azalea Pirates
Occupation Pirate; Captain; Swordsman
Race Human
Birthplace Grand Line
Birthdate 14th June
Age 45
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Widowed
Relatives Unnamed Husband
Unnamed Parents
Devil Fruit

Azalea (アザレア Azarea?, lit; Dry) is currently a Pirate who scavenges the seas of the New World, treading closer and closer to Marineford in unnamed hopes. She is a tremendously powerful Pirate, who has existed during the time of Gol D. Roger's reign. Though not a notable pirate from the time, she existed in an unnamed Pirate Crew before willingly defecting, utterly eviscerating the crew and taking the ship for herself. It appears she possesses unnamed goals, but is interested in the prospects of both the Jinchūriki and Taichibukai, though hasn't shown any interest in allying herself with either organization.

She wields the strange, and cursed Saijo O Wazamono Meito; Jintozan, and appears to be a very skilled swordswoman, though the extent of her skill is unexplained. However; considering that she is capable of wielding both a O Wazamono blade and a cursed Saijo O Wazamono blade without any detrimental effects on her being, her skill should be regarded highly. Yet her absolutely strange demeanor gives her a supposedly unrefined and barbaric style, which noticeably shows a level of insanity that is unparalleled within and beyond the seas.

Finally; Azalea has been noted to have committed several breaches of the law, giving her a plentiful bounty of Bsymbol 450,000,000. Such crimes include: the destruction of several Marine branches, killing of two Vice Admirals and three Commodores. As well as this, she thieved a powerful blade once in the possession of the Marines and forcibly retrieved a very old cyborg prototype of the Marines within Dr. Vegapunk's lab, known as Hermes. Finally; she caused a severe outbreak in Tequila Wolf by directly attacking it, freeing hundreds of slaves and delaying the construction of the large bridge. The Marines have dubbed her a great threat, and has thus been accurately labelled as: Bloody Azalea (血塗れアザレア Chimamire Azarea)



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