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"Baki" A name given to him by pirates and marines with his real name being unknown is the swordman of the Crisome Flame Pirates and one of the two founding members

Baki grew up learing swordmanship from a drifter who decided to stay in his town after meeting him one day after the drifter died defending the town from a powerful gang Baki fell in tears at his grave promising him he wont return to it until he becomes the world's greatest pirate


Baki is well-build boy who has the avearage height for his age.He has short hair that he normally keeps covered up by wearing a yellow bandana over his head.He also wears a black sleeveless shirt with slightly baggy black pants plus is also note worthy that he had two sword strapped onto his waist with one being white and blue and the other being yellow and black he took the white one from his teacher's grave as of why of always being with her.


Baki is a person who can be very laid back but become serious instantly.He likes to joke about alot of situation and when in bad situation it because slightly excessive.At certain moments his personality would completely change into a serious dangerous-taking alter-ego.


One Sword Style

Aganist weaker and most enemies he will only use his black sword which because is made of very dense unknown metal accels in offense 

Two Sword Style

Aganist stronger enemies he uses both of his swords the reason this more effective then the avearge two sword style is that while there weigth is off balance Baki uses his black sword which is very dense to block most incoming and uses his white which is very light to perform attacks quickly and with speed


Escape From Vice-Admiral Ikuna!

Escape From Vice-Admiral Ikuna! Part 2

1...2...3 Die!


Ryu Nakuma

Baki is normally angered by Ryu's antics but respects him as a captain

Kura Liono

Baki sees Kura as a strong young girl and want's to be her friend because he think she is more lonely than she wants to appear to be 

Major Battles