Barolo Castelmagno
Barolo Castelmagno
Japanese Name: バローロ·カステルマーニョ
Romanized Name: Baroro Casterumagno
English Name: Barolo Castelmagno
Debut: Lissandria Kingdom: A Fight for Love
Affiliations: Unnamed neighboring island of Lissandria Kingdom; Castelmagno Family
Occupations: Noble
Age: 73
Status: Alive
Birthday: 6th December
Barolo Castelmagno is an important noble of the neighboring island of Lissandria Kingdom, but he wants to be king of the later.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

As a noble he has some authority in the island where he lives.


Barolo has mastered all 6 Rokushiki techniques, which he combines with the use of Haki. In the past he was a formidable fighter, but due to age he has problems using Geppo and Rankyaku techniques now. However, he is a good Rokushiki teacher, teaching Novara all he knows about it.


Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Barolo's Busoshoku Haki is very strong. He has mastered it to the point he can teach others to learn it.


He uses a pistol when he wants to kill an enemy fast and not wanting to waste time fighting.




He wants his niece to marry Novara so he can be the future Lissandria Kingdom king.

Allies/ FriendsEdit


Vercelli ConiEdit

Barolo knows about Vercelli's relationship with Novara. He thinks the student might make his plan to fail, so he wants him to disappear in any way.

Indenation PiratesEdit

He made enemies with the crew, due to them helping Vercelli, with a special hate to Jordi.


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