Ikei D. Beaumont also known as Beaumont the bloodthirst is a pirate from yonki in the new world , his dream is to become the greatest swordsman like his mentor mihawk , he also wants to become the pirate king. Beaumont is the captain of the Soul Pirates.

Appearance Edit

Beaumont wears a red jacket with golden buttons , black trousers and red and white shoes

Abilities and powers Edit

Haki : He knows every haki type

Atatchi Atatchi no Mi : He can attach elements to his weapons or hands.

Allies/Friend Edit

Mihawk : He trained beaumont when he was a child , when he left beaumont wanted to become like him ... the world's best swordsman.

History Edit

Beaumont at the age of 7 had an interest in swords which he soon started practicing , when he was 15 years old his father gave him Omega , the soul of the banished in order to continue the tradition that his grandfather made.Before that when beaumont was 11 mihawk trained him for 4 years

Major Battles Edit

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