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Benzaiten Cezio of the Great Axe is my name. Catchy isn't it? It's an honor that the Marines gave me an epithet worthy of my capabilities. However, contradictory as it may be, it's regrettable that I was given it by Marine scum.

Benzaiten Cezio

Benzaiten Cezio Pre Mug

Benzaiten Cezio Post Mug

Japanese 弁財天
Romanized Benzaiten Cezio
English Benzaiten Cezio
Epithet(s) "Great Axe" (グレートアックス Gurētoakkusu)
"Marine Hunter" (海軍ハンター Kaigun hantā)
Personal Statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 23 (Debut)
25 (Post-Timeskip)
Birthday August 23rd
Status Alive
Height 302.26cm
Weight 183.5 Ibs.
Blood Type B+
Professional Statistics
Affiliation Heiko Pirates
Occupation Pirate
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name Ryokō Ryokō no Mi
English Name Travel-Travel Fruit
Meaning Travel
Type Paramecia
Bounty Bsymbol000,000,000


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