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"Yo check it out! Scratchmen says Bestia Oculta is going to rock out. So turn dah funk up and tremble before the craziest user ever. Or I will play a deathly funk for yah and show yah to your graves"

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As much as I hate to use this form, it is just simply repulsive. But it would make it much more fun for me to kill you!
— Bestia to Smoker
Bestia Oculta
Bestia new mug
Japanese Name: 隠された獣
Romanized Name: Baestia Oculta
English Name: Bestia Oculta
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: Kensei XI
The Oculta Coalition
Occupations: Oculta Coalition Leader
Kensei VII
Epithet: The Ugly (逝け面, Ikemen?)
Japanese VA:
Age:  ???? (debut)
 ???? (after timeskip)
Birthday: Oct. 23rd
Height: 6'3
Bounty: Bsymbol10 ???,???,???
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Dashi Dashi no Mi
English Name: Kiln-Kiln Fruit
Meaning: Pots from the Kiln
Type: Paramecia

"Behold Hitler incarnate..........."

Dolf the Scratchmen

Bestia “The Ugly” Oculta (隠された獣, Baestia Oculta) is ranked number VII on the Kensei XI, he was originally a Marine commodore and was placed in charge of the 10th division of the marines. However, he had convinced the division and all of its members to defect. With that he had formed the The Oculta Coalition movement, in which it wished to take down the world government and then replace it with a dictator ruled world.

However, he was stopped by the Marines and then arrested. But he escaped from impel down, when Luffy and company caused a massive riot and escaped. He then went to the head of his Coalition and now was named number VII on the Kensei XI. He being the only one the list that doesn’t have a devil fruit, but still amazing powers. He has earned himself an unknown bounty, for such crimes as.

His defection from the marines, he causing the defection of the whole 10th division of the marines. Using the vessels, men and weapons to create a make-shift army and fighting countless fight against the marines. Creating The Oculta Coalition and holding several movements and public executions of officials and other officers that he had captured. With this Bestia wishes to set out and create a Unitary State, in which he and his followers rule.


Bestia is rather very odd in appearance, he has extremely pale blue skin and green hair. He is believed to be some kind of humanoid creature, but this hasn't been confirmed yet. Originally Bestia had worn the standard marine uniform, however he wore a basic suit. With a blue cloak around his neck and shoulders, this later becomes the symbol of his Coalition.

But after he and his division defected, he has changed his outfit. He now wears a strange armor, however he did state the place he was form has this common outfit. He wears a chest armor plate, with a pair of speedo like undergarments. He wears a dark blue pair of leggings around his legs, a set of purple arm leggings as well. On his armor he does wear his signature blue cloak and his green hair tied by into a ponytail. He wears a pair of silver earrings and an ornate head piece, with a silver orb hanging in the center of his forehead.


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