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Powerhouse411 Powerhouse411 19 February

Up to Eleven

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Carabe197 Carabe197 1 December 2021

SOF's Christmas Calendar Adventure 6

Hello everyone.

To those who are new to this:

From today till the 24th, I'll draw one door for everyday.

And this is no regular calendar, It actually has ongoing plot, even though it most likely isn't anything good.

Hope people have some fun with this.

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ValidHades ValidHades 22 February 2021

What Happened to my OC

Spent like 3 hours making a character now it says some names grimmjow is the owner of it? i was editing my character i just want to be able to edit and keep building to my guy. I don't know how to message anyone on here so please help me.

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Dex WolfGod Dex WolfGod 10 December 2020

Can i use the adapt adapt no mi

If kaze yoni sees this can you let me know if i can use it for my character

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Carabe197 Carabe197 1 December 2020

SOF's Christmas Calendar Adventure 5

Hello everyone.

Years start coming and they don't stop coming...

To those who are new to this:

From today till the 24th, I'll draw one door for everyday.

And this is no regular calendar, It actually has ongoing plot, even though it most likely isn't anything good.

Hope people have some fun with this.

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ShitpostingClown ShitpostingClown 18 November 2020

Live, or atleast do something with this

Ive looked at the wiki and its just sad to see it...dead. I heard so many great things about this wiki and joined myself, a few days ago. But the state its been left in... Its called a graveyard but theres so much i want to do and create in it. It would be cool to see a official discord role-play server or just a normal one where peeps can hang out. Wikis in general arent that popular anymore anyways.

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12xZektx12 12xZektx12 28 August 2020



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Saje21 Saje21 16 August 2020

Help by my pics

I want to write a story about Grand line story called ``A  New World Tale``,but for this I need inspirationa and ideas from others.

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Carabe197 Carabe197 11 July 2020

Under Red Leaves

Hello Everyone. Here's something completly different, but the familiar all the same.

Another SOF Comic, but at the same time, not.

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Carabe197 Carabe197 23 February 2020

Native American Zodiacs

Hello everyone.

One of these things. Tell me your Native American Zodiac in the comment and I' draw the whole Zodiac group. This time I draw these Zodiacs as themselves, but in animal themed clothing.

Here are how things are so far:

  • Otter (Jan 20 to Feb 18):
  • Wolf (Feb 19 to Mar 20): Nadaasar, 13th
  • Falcon (Mar 21 to Apr 19): FD, MJ
  • Beaver (Apr 20 to May 20):
  • Deer (May 21 to Jun 20): Caring, Cara, enrik
  • Woodpecker (Jun 21 to Jul 21):
  • Salmon (Jul 22 to Aug 21): Ferno, Kai, Cresent
  • Bear (Aug 22 to Sept 21): Foolish Mortal FOOL
  • Raven (Sept 22 to Oct 22): Senshi, Otakuknight 79, Saje21
  • Snake (Oct 23 to Nov 22): Zeon
  • Owl (Nov 23 to Dec 21):
  • Goose (Dec 22 to Jan 19): Wyvern 0M3G4
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Carabe197 Carabe197 1 December 2019

SOF's Christmas Calendar Adventure 4

... *drip*...*drip*....*drip*..

This story Arcs name is now "House Ban-do"

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JunyJunebug JunyJunebug 28 May 2019

Advertising a One Piece discord server

First of all, I apologize if this advertising isn't allowed, but as I notice that this wiki is basically dead, I thought you all would appreciate another domain to continue developing your ideas, or at least as a method of inspiration.

One Piece: Era of Kings is a roleplay discord server that has a unique lore and strong foundation to build a creative One Piece alternate reality. What I like about the server is that it allows you to express your creative license, without crazy amounts of roleplay moderation, but also rewards literacy and strong roleplay. It is composed of a tier system, where you gain access to more abilities as you tier up, and you can do so by appealing to specific aspects of roleplay, which are quantity, quality, pacing,…

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Flora3411 Flora3411 19 May 2019

I need help on something

How do you add the beli symbol on infoboxes?

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Rinji79 Rinji79 26 February 2019

And the World Moved On

It's 2:30 am here, and I thought I could sleep, but right now I can't. I don't know why I came to this place, nor do I know why I started wondering what happened to it. Honestly, I already know what happened. Mismanagement drove people away and the only ones that stayed were either the ones that did it or the ones who had an investment. Seems like no investment here is strong enough to keep people editing more than once, maybe twice a day. Honestly, it breaks my heart after all we did to make this fanon site work.

We had the hard times, sure. There were times when sometimes the chat would go a little dead, maybe two or three people were there on a Saturday night, so we decided to hang out in the chat more when we could. We got people postin…

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Carabe197 Carabe197 1 December 2018

SOF's Christmas Calendar Adventure 3

Hello everyone.

It's a trilogy now, naturally.

To those who are new to this:

From today till the 24th, I'll draw one door for everyday.

And this is no regular calendar, It actually has ongoing plot, even though it most likely isn't anything good.

Hope people have some fun with this.

P.S. I think that I'm going to regret this on stress department...

I'm back for Christmas, sorry for not being around...

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Justtochi Justtochi 17 August 2018

RPs for Tochi Willemer

Hi, I've recently moved to this wikia and am looking for a Roleplay with the character I'm making, Tochi Willemer. As I speak, the page isn't completely done yet, but I'm working toward it the best I can.

I'm looking for someone who can write a bit, at least five lignes long paragraphs, to RP with. I'm not a native English speaker and am still learning, but I've managed to obtain a level of fluency, so assume that any misworded word is a mistake and don't be afraid to correct me ! I'm willing to learn.

As for the character, I'm looking for a specific profile :

  • A pirate, with or without crew, willing to help her overcome her hate of pirates and able to serve as a motherly/fatherly figure.
  • A Navy, graded or not, willing to forget her crimes to g…
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Lvdoomien Lvdoomien 1 August 2018

Thinking of You

Hi everyone, this is one of your admirals-in-absentia Lvdoomien speaking. First off, I miss you all too. I hope everyone I know here that's reading this has been having a good life ever since the wiki went silent. I don't exactly know everyone's opinion or lack thereof of the state of SOF but I can be almost sure that it's varied. Second off, I wanted to just provide some support to my original, first audience I ever had for my writing all the way back in 2011. I've always struggled with finishing a story, or at least finishing a story that I didn't write in a single night. Recently I changed that and I've officially written my first full story... that doesn't star my star protagonist.

However I have faith in the piece and I wanted to share…

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Carabe197 Carabe197 25 April 2018

Don't Count The Kings

This is idea that had been in my mind's back burners, but I hadn't thought that much. I now decided to go on with this, just to get it out of my head, if nothing else. This is "Comic" like all others before it, but this is more of a game theme than the others. Glitzy, never beta tested mess of a game, but game non a less.

If your interested, just put commands in the comments for the characters to do.


Welcome to the Barren World: Omega Version, upcoming mmorpg, future dust collector and real cold mess. No, you won't get your money back from this. Blame only yourself for buying this.

Chose your starter character:

Number 1: Legendary Hero In-trainer, Level 2

Number 2: Novice Martial Artist, Level 3

Number 3: Rising Wicket Warlock, Level 4


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DieDeutschenSpiele DieDeutschenSpiele 7 April 2018

The next OPH Arc: Haiquan vetranh

Hey, I'm DieDeutschenSpiele (TheGermanGames) and today I tell YOU some things about the new One Piece Hunters Arc. If you haven't read it so far and want to, you can start here or here (if you like longer stories).

  • 1 The new Arc
  • 2 Bounty
  • 3 The lenght
  • 5 The anime
  • 6 Big overwrite
  • 7 Special thanks
  • 8 FPP paused?
  • 9 The End

Chapter 36 (One Piece Hunters) will be the last chapter of my favorite Arc (The Nugoi Arc, with a focus on puzzles) and the last of Volume 4 (One Piece Hunters)!

What will happen after 36? 37! Chapter 37 (One Piece Hunters) in Volume 5 will come out soon! (Maybe this month, maybe, maybe). The chapters 37-~70 will be about the Haiquan vetranh Arc, including the first fight against the marine. The first appearance was around Chapter 17…

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Lewush Lewush 31 March 2018

Lewush 2: Electric Boogaloo

OK OK OK I have spring break off so I've decided that I'm coming back to my old stomping grounds (here) for like 1 week to make a really good crew and then I'm officially outski forever. I'm gonna make this a good ass crew in my personal opinion, so stay tuned pussyboys --Lewush (talk) 21:12, March 31, 2018 (UTC)

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Carabe197 Carabe197 20 March 2018

Sanguine Ocean Frenzy

This is Interactive comic set in the One Piece world, before any of the canon timeline characters were alive, 100-or-so-years in the past. You can use any Devil Fruits, since these people will be dead when the canon characters get them. 

Main cast are made of original characters by SOF wiki users.

Those who dont know how this works: put commands for the characters in the comments, when multiple characters have been revealed, put name before the command, like "Jack: get some bread".

I hope this goes well.

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Kinglaz666 Kinglaz666 13 March 2018

just wondering

Hi this is kinglaz666 

I was wondering if you would like to have a minor colabaration to help me start of one of my characters back story

I can  under stand hesitence but please consider it  the character I would like you  to help establis is Noles "Demon prisoner" Jeff to establish his back story as a bounty hunter by having a run in with your crew to display his abilites and prowess in combat.  if any question simply write on my blog and i'll respond when I can. 

also this would be a short encounter more a skirmish than all out battle. please  let me know and if you agree I'll   write the events from my side leading up to  the encounter and then talk to you about the encounter.

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Lewush Lewush 12 March 2018

Real question

I think the time has come where I delete literally everything I've created on fanon, but the only problem is that I'm too lazy to do it myself. So like, is there an easy way for a moderator to just click one button and nuke all my stuff? The reason I'm deleting everything is for personal reasons and shit but yeah, if someone with the admin star could hmu, that would be appreciated.

With love from Baskin Robbins, Lewush

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DieDeutschenSpiele DieDeutschenSpiele 9 March 2018

Does anyone reads my story One Piece Hunters? & What happens in volume 4

  • 1 do u read it?
  • 2 I don't force you
  • 3 Facts
  • 4 Volume 3
    • 4.1 Chapter 23 (One Piece Hunters)
    • 4.2 Chapter 24 (One Piece Hunters)
    • 4.3 Chapter 25 (One Piece Hunters)
    • 4.4 Chapter 26 (One Piece Hunters)
  • 5 Volume 4 (the interesting part, guys)
    • 5.1 Chapter 27 (One Piece Hunters)
    • 5.2 Chapter 28 (One Piece Hunters)
    • 5.3 Chapter 29 (One Piece Hunters)
    • 5.4 Chapter 30 (One Piece Hunters)
  • 6 the end

When I ask: "Have you read One Piece Hunters?" they simply answer "no". And that makes sense, there are ~25 active writers and more than 40 readers in this wiki, and many of them never used the chat. But in one of the character pages to it I made an big error: and nobody noticed it. That's why I think, that nobody reads it. I have to say that I've never read one here too, but it's on my To D…

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Lasaro Ginjou Lasaro Ginjou 9 February 2018

Mythical Zoan: How many could really be there?

Hi everyone.

After starting the blog on how many logia could really be in the canon I thought I would address the Mythical Zoan as well. Why? well they are very very tricky.

I know, in the fanon, people go all wild and make a fruit about every creature they have ever heard of but the Canon is quite different. There are many cases where Oda portrays mythical and legendary creatures through indirect means, that implies that they won't be used as actual mythical zoan fruits. Now, I will try to least some of these cases:

  • Werewolf is portrayed through Jabra of the CP9. And the idea that they transform with Full Moon is used for the powerful form of the Mink called Sulong.
  • Mermaids actually exist as a sperate race.
  • So do Giants.
  • Pegasus is portrayed thro…
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Lasaro Ginjou Lasaro Ginjou 7 February 2018

Logia: How many could really be there?

Hello everyone.

After my whingeing in regards to the number of Logias on this site and their accuracy to the Canon, I acknowledged that for a fanon giving more freedom is essential. But I started thinking: if we stick to the criteria that the Canon presents then how many could there really be?

So, I decided to make this list. It is ongoing; as in, any new passable ideas can be included. Many of these might already have been done in the wiki but I'm not looking at them. It is a list from zero.

The criteria will be that of the Canon. The fruits will correspond to an element, phenomenon and/or force of nature. Not based in scientific elements though. The canon ones will be included, in order to point out a pattern that appears to exist in the Can…

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LordNoodleXIV LordNoodleXIV 7 February 2018

Writing Contest 2017 - 2018

Yo yo my Sun Bros!!!! The Writting Contest deadline is nearly upon us. The deadline is Feb 15, 2018. That gives you nine more days to complete your stories. I hope you all have been giving it all you got. Go for broke!!!!! May the best fool win. 

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Lasaro Ginjou Lasaro Ginjou 21 January 2018

The Logia Issue

Hello everyone. I was browsing recently the site and was quite surprised at the number of devil fruits that people have thought of. Naming is an issue because the 2 syllables rule of the canon is not followed but I have already said that in the past. Another issue is creativity. I was fascinated by the number of ideas for paramecia and zoan but a bit let down by the Logia. For there to be about 170 pages there was only a few that gave me the feeling of the canon. Example of that is the Kumo Kumo no Mi. Takes a natural phenomenon and turns it into a Logia Fruit.

The mistake of most logia ideas? They take the phrase "They are characterized by giving their user the ability of an element or force of nature" too literally. Based on what we have seen …

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Carabe197 Carabe197 18 January 2018

Crew of new

Hello everyone.

Not sure if you take part in this and whenever or not it sinks in the unknown.

Idea I had. Another one of these comic things ive been making, but with little twist:

  • 1 Its more of One Piece style comic thing than previes ones!!!!!!!!
    • 1.1 Main and side characters would be made by you!!!!!!!
    • 1.2 Setting will be 70-100 years before any of the cannon characters were born (Brook, Whitebeard and so on).
    • 1.3 Name of this comic will be "Sanguine Ocean Frenzy", or S.O.F..

As you can guess, its going to be about group of misfits traveling around the good old blue sea, getting into weird adventures.

Reason this blog excists is because I wanted this to be far more viewer involved:

'(as in you post or send me the description of your character's appear…

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Carabe197 Carabe197 30 November 2017

SOF's Christmas Calendar Adventure 2

Hello everyone.

Some say good things come in pairs, we will see.

To those who are new to this:

Starting tomorrow till the 24th, I'll draw one door for everyday.

And this is no regular calendar, It actually has ongoing plot, even though it most likely isn't anything good.

Hope people have some fun with this.

P.S. I think that I'm going to regret this on stress department...

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Carabe197 Carabe197 3 November 2017

SOF Christmas Voting

Hello everyone.

First day of Christmas is just month away, so I ask which of these possible calendars sound interesting.

I want to put this up as early as possible, so that it wont be last minute job.

If you are not clear on what I am talking about, heres the last years calendar: CLICK

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Carabe197 Carabe197 24 October 2017

Bruxa Na Noite, Halloween comic.

Hello everyone.

This will be seven days long comic about some poor guys who can’t catch a break, set during the Halloween. I can only hope people take part in this.

You most likely know the so called ”rules”, but to newcomers, let’s retread that path: You write command for the characters in the comments, I improvise the “comics” happenings based on them.

I hope that you enjoy this.

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Lewush Lewush 22 October 2017

remember when I was actually active?

me neither

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Carabe197 Carabe197 20 October 2017

SOF Halloween "comic" suggestions

Hello Everyone.

I have been thinking bit about upcoming Halloween and I want to do something for it. It would again be one of those interactive comics, but with Halloween theme. And this time I want your suggestions on what you want there to be in the story.

I will improvise the whole thing based on what you give me and when I finally start the “official” Halloween comic, you can again give directions for the characters as usual.

In the story’s universe and in real life, story will take place in seven days.

Note: You can only make ONE blog post here, while in the “official comic” you can make as many as you want. You can put as much as you want in that one blog post, but here are the 3 to 4 things you can put up here:

  1. Aspects for the story: Thi…
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LordNoodleXIV LordNoodleXIV 19 October 2017

Ship of Fools Story Contest 2018!!!!!!

Alright ladies and gentlemen it is time for the 2017 - 2018 Short Story Contest. This year it is being run by me, which means we are all doomed. Just kidding, but in all seriousness lets get to writing. This contest is a way for all of us to show off our skills as writers, share stories, and congregate in a active project. That being said lets all do our best and place forward our best works. 

Before we get started on the sign up let me tell you what you can win. Like every year we have a Powerful Devil Fruit on the prize table. This year it is none other than Tatsu Tatsu no Mi, Model: Fafnir a powerful dragon devil fruit that breathes poison instead of flames. 

Now, to the *cough* not copied and pasted *cough* *cough oh bump it! Yeah I copi…

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FoolishMortalFOOL FoolishMortalFOOL 10 September 2017

Making a Deal with the Devil (Fruits)

Very well.

It's been 2 weeks since I made my last post.

My Devil Fruit Giveaway.

I admit that I was disappointed with you lot.

I expected you "pirates" to be more greedy but I guess you followed the spirit o One Piece a bit too much.


I shall give the following users who had followed the rules of my DF giveaway the fruits that they have requested.

Kakka Kakka no Mi

Gyu Gyu no Mi

Baka Baka no Mi

Kiiin Kiiin no Mi

Yamai Yamai no Mi

Yuuguu Yuuguu no Mi

Eki Eki no Mi, Model Salamander (Legendary)

Inushima,OtakuKnight79, 1NF3RN0, Rukiryo Hoshi Hoshi no Mi

Just kidding.

You don't get share one fruit. You know the rule.

Only one Devil Fruit per user.

All of you have requested the same fruit and it's not a simple matter of tossing a coin or rolling a die.


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Jakyou Jakyou 6 September 2017

Bon Voyage and Adieu !!!!

So I'll keep this short as many of you noticed I have not been as active as I used to, most of you probably don't care but anyways I'm here to say goodbye. Yes I'm aware I always say I'm leaving but never do however I'm serious this time around Recently I have many thing happing in my life and for those who are unaware I recently had that son I been chasing for years and I believe it's time I put some of my past behind me and focus on the future of my family and myself.

Anyaways im here to say goodbye and over the span of 7-8 years I been here I have created numerous characters and a Fruits all which besides a select few I'll be freely giving out so if your interested just message me with what you want.

Unavailable Stuff

Drazil and anything h…

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FoolishMortalFOOL FoolishMortalFOOL 26 August 2017

Devil Fruit Giveaway

The day has finally come.

I have decided to give away all of my Devil Fruits.












Devil Fruits. Just Devil Fruits. Not my characters. Not my locations. Not my stories. Just the ownerships to my Devil Fruits.

You can have them. I'm not doing anything with them.

So you can have them. This is not an April Fools joke. I already did that this year. Kudos to anyone who figured out the prank that I commited already. LOL.

To make things easier, I provided a list of Devil Fruits that I made below to help you search and claim them.

I must admit the list is not 100% updated so here's another link to aid you in your conquest for Devil Fruits.

In order to claim my Devil Fruits as your own, you …

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13th madman 13th madman 6 August 2017

Taking a break

I'm going to be away in France for a few weeks. I'll try and stay in contact, but I don't have guaranteed internet, so that won't be reliable. See you next month!

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Lvdoomien Lvdoomien 2 August 2017

The Date of Birth of the Inferno

Hey folks, its your local admiral in absentia/swagmiral lvdoomien giving an update that it may or may not be the birthday (facebook might be wrong) of everyones favorite omnipotwnt destructive force, 1NF3RN0!!! Let's wish that hard working doombringer a big happy birthday eh???

Happy birthday Ferno-sama!

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Carabe197 Carabe197 30 June 2017

Acquired Corona Dice Cadets

Hello everyone.

This is something that I have been thinking about a little while.I decided to try to do another "interactive comic", which is completely unrelated to Maniac Chama. MC will be continued eventually, this is my try at doing something different and I thought that people might like another one of these.

Like with Maniac Chama, you can give characters directions by writing them in the comments. I hope that this is to people's liking.

Note: "Part 0" is in the way, prologue cutscene and can't be affected.

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Carabe197 Carabe197 23 June 2017

Superpower Comic: Powers

Hello everyone.

I'm now trying to start another Interactive comic here, trying to get new steam so that I could latter continue with Maniac Chama.

This "comics" main idea is that random people get super powers and get into fights.

I would like you to give me some suggestions on people’s powers in the comments. You can even put up what you would like main characters to have as powers, as long as you make it clear who you want to give that power.

Powers don’t have to make sense, like you can put up power like "power to create the best smoothie" as side characters or joke characters.

You can even suggest names and characteristics (in appearance and personality) for other characters, except main characters, who I named already.

I hope that people ta…

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13th madman 13th madman 13 June 2017

Yet another brilliant update...

Edit: it has been mentioned to me (thanks Kiryo) that the new updates don't have as much CSS control as past ones, which potentially makes it much harder to work with. There's a petition to enable more code control here . I've signed it because I really think we need the flexibility. Anyone else who understands the situation, please consider doing the same.

.. courtesy of central. Allegedly this one is massively more popular and thus far superior to anything that came before, so they've decided to roll it everywhere wether we want it or not! yay.......

To be fair, I can see how this might be a technically better design.. if they'd had this right from the start instead of letting us have years of gettin…

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Lewush Lewush 10 May 2017

A real question that I have

Btw potential spoilers past Dressrosa arc of One Piece

  •          *          *

How come all the Minks are so damn thicc like what in the god damn is going on honestly. Every single one of them is sproinging so damn hard like what the hell, Oda be tryin to tempt me to sin here. Carrot, Wanda, and the rest of them, especially that squirrel and reindeer nurse are SO. DAMN. THICC. PNG. I need an explanation right pronto

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Caring16 Caring16 10 May 2017

you got your wish

Seeing as i am banned on both sea and ship for stuff that has happened here, i guess goodbye, i might stop by and edit MY WORK! as i won't give it to anyone else, have fun

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Otakuknight 79 Otakuknight 79 1 May 2017


Jeez, May 1st already, huh? Time really flies when your having fun! Anyway, if you couldn't already tell, this marks my first year here on this Chaotic Ship! I remember when I first joined like it was yesterday, I was pretty annoying back then, wasn't (I still am >_

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Monkey D Luffy 3D2Y G4 Monkey D Luffy 3D2Y G4 1 April 2017

Sorry, my Nakama. I'm leaving the wiki

Hello, everyone! It's me!

I haven't been here that much, to be honest

  • Cold Sweat*

Well, it's more like that I didn't have much of a presence in the Ship of Fools.

Of course, you wouldn't know me because I had always been anonymous.

No, no, no. I'm not saying that I belong to the infamous hacker group, ANONYMOUS. I wish I was but I'm not SUPA HACKA!

Anyway, I decided to finally make a statement about myself and my relationship with this wiki.

I wanted to let you guys, my crew. my family, and Nakama that I have decided to leave. Abandon ship. Man Overboard!

Ok. No big deal. You don't know me but I do know you guys. Ever since I came here about when the wiki was first created by Marcus Junior, I watched all of you build this wiki to what it was today…

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Otakuknight 79 Otakuknight 79 7 March 2017

Another break..

Hiya, its Otaku here. Due to chat related stuff, stress and arguments. I'm taking another break. If anyone wants to ask why, please contact me on Sea of Fools, and we can use the chat there. I'll cya guys.

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Rfldsza Rfldsza 6 March 2017

The Winner of the Short Story Contest 2016

You brought me here but can you take me back again...?


Really, sorry for all the delay, I should've done this blog months ago, forgive me for being an idiot.

But yeah, it's the end. We didn't end up with as many stories as one could have expected, but the quality of them didn't decrease. We did it and it was fun, I hope.

(If anyone wants to take my place next time, feel free. I'll do it anyways if no one does, though.)

AHEM! So we had three solid stories this year. They are all listed under Category:Short Story Contest 2016. Our secret association of judges read them and cast their votes, which were to decide the winner. I recommend that everyone reads them as well.

We're dedicating this edition of the Contest to our fr…

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Powerhouse411 Powerhouse411 5 March 2017

Noodle Will Be Out of Commission for a While

I don't know how active Noodle has been as of late, but he won't and should not be active until a week or more from now.

Yesterday, the top half of his right index finger was dismembered — as in, literally, chopped off — by an accident at his workplace. So this Wednesday, he has to have surgery that will alter the finger to a stable condition that won't put him at risk of a blood infection.

Needless to say, he is in a lot of pain whenever he isn't drugged out on pain killers. In addition, because of the loss of his right index finger, he is currently unable to type with any efficiency. Thus, he has decided to temporarily suspend his online activities and projects.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Though I may not be p…

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