Boa Alezonia


Age: 25 (Pre-Time skip)

27 (Post-Time skip)

Gender: Female
Species: Kuja ( really human)
Blood type: unknown
Birthdate: unknown
Height: 7'9
Weight: 170lbs
Island of Origin: Somewhere on Calm Belt
Occupation: Cook/ Archaelogists

Epithet: X Terra

Crew: White Myth Pirates
Position: Cook/ Archaelogists/Second mate

Family: Boa Hancock ( Older sister/foster)

Boa Marigold ( Older Sister/foster)

Boa Sandersonia (Older sister/foster)

Current Bounty:

Bsymbol 71,000,000

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol 71,000,000

Reason: Being the Ring leader of Hyde's release from Impel down.

Dream: To defeat her sister Boa Hancock
Page created by: Man of Myth is legend.


Boa Alezonia is a pirate and the cook archaelogists of the White Myth Pirates, Shee was born next to a Island by Kuja Island, her home was raided and burned down, but her mother sent her to Kuja Island and disguised her as a Kuja and so that She wouldn't be exiled. When She grew up to be a Kuja warrior it became hard to hide that She wasn't a Kuja, and Boa Hancock her adoptive sister had to exile her personally, for lying to the Kuja's.

She later found a job as a cook since she was one of the best cook's on Kuja Island. While Hyde was looking for some food, he meet her, and was fascinated by her huge melons. He was amazed by her strength, speed, and her skill, she became one of the crew, soon after.

She is deceased


Alezonia is really tall towering over most people and is the tallest in her crew. She is relatively skinny. She has fair skin tone, brown eyes, and soft dark violet hair. She is usually seen with a sleeveless shirt, with gloves. She has several pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, and ear rings. Her hair is usually in a pony tail and she wears the with bangs. She wears black long boots always. She usually wears jean skirts, shorts, or normal jeans. She always carries around her Katana.

She has tattoos on both arms. One of the Kuja mark and the other of the Sun Pirates.

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