Brickar's birthplace: Fishman Island.

Brickar is a shipwright axolotl fishman, who allied himself with Brandon Note when breaking out of a Marine ship jail. He is experienced with bow and arrow. He is born on Fishman Island.

After parting with Note, Brickar took some quiet time in a city on an island nearby Fishman Island, at the entrance of the New World. After overhearing the plan of a mad doctor to kill the town, he killed him to save the city. This brought a 68,000,000 bounty on his head. Brickar headed further into the New World, looking for Note, knowing he has a bounty too. He is the shipwright and archer of the Blackcloud Pirates.


Brickar is born on Fishman Island, but left the island to make his dream come true; become an archer with a bounty exceeding 300,000,000. He exclaims it would make him famous and he likes the attention.

Brickar was first arrested when he shot down three marines with arrows. When his cell mate Brandon Note got thrown into jail, they became allies. They broke out of jail and killed marines, escaping the warship of the Marines. He left Note with a repaired ship and dove under water. Claiming it was a bit much to see those dead Marines, he strolled on the seafloor. After a while, he arrived at an island in the New World, where he stayed for a while and made a living as shipwright.