Britham D. Ryonel


Ryonel (my drawing's bad)NOTE: the swords are not up to scale, I don't know why I drew it so small.

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: B+
Birthdate: March 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs
Island of Origin: N/A
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Pirate (under the epithet, Mask of Anger)

Epithet: "Shogun", "Mask of Anger"

Crew: Gemini Pirates (under the epithet Mask of Anger)
Position: Captain
Family: Britham D. Leo (father, alive), Claire (mother, deceased)
Current Bounty: 23, 000, 000 beli
Dream: To defeat anyone aiming to be the Pirate King. To defeat the Yonkou and any future Yonkou. To erase the existence of Absolute Justice.
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Britham D. Ryonel is a bounty hunter, as well as a pirate or more specifically, a Marine hunter.

He is the descendant of Britham D. Cleon and the son of Britham D. Leo and Claire.



Ryonel wears both of his swords like this.

has black hair and red eyes. His hair is styled in a fauxhawk. He has a goatee under his bottom lip. He has a medium build and always wears a short sleeve shirt that is unbuttoned to show off his abs and muscles and the sleeves are torn off to show off his biceps. He wears black cargo pants and army boots with the pants loosely tucked into the boots. He has his two shikomizues worn behind his waist, parallel to each other and both of the hilts are pointed diagonally right (like Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto).

When he is hunting Marines, he wears a hooded dark gray cloak, covering all of his clothes. He puts the hood on to cover his face and he wears a mask just in case his hood gets torn off. The mask that he wears is a plain white mask with only two holes for eyes and the two eye hole make it seem like the Ryonel is angry, ergo "Mask of Anger".


Ryonel is a responsible, polite, and charming guy. He is mainly seen as a happy-go-lucky kind of guy and never seems to be mad. Very little people have actually seen him mad. The only times that he is mad is when his friends or family is harmed by others. He is respectful of everyone around him to a certain degree. He is always respectful to his elders and figures of authority. He is somewhat respectful to people around his age. He is always nervous around little kids, so he puts on an intimidating face around them. The reason why he is nervous around kids is because they cry whenever they see him. This is ironic because he puts on an intimidating face to not let kids see that he is nervous and scared around them but it is because of his intimidating face that makes the kids cry around him. This is considered one of his running gags.

He tries not to make any trouble because he is a bounty hunter and not a pirate. He despises pirates and any kind of criminal. He does make friends with pirates like Luffy and hates pirates like Blackbeard. He is very respectful of Marines and will always be polite to them. He is only nice and polite to Marines that follow Moral Justice and hates Marines that follow Absolute Justice because he thinks that Absolute Justice is wrong. The reason for that is because he thinks Marines that follow Absolute Justice are no better than pirates. He also hates the kind of Marines that act like dictators (eg. Morgan) and Marines that just takes money from other people (eg. Nezumi).

He, especially, despises the World Nobles because they treat other people like trash and uses them as slaves. He also despises them because they were just born and did nothing with their lives to make themselves respectful.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fighting Style and AttributesEdit

He has super human strength and super human endurance.

He fights using Nitoryu.


He has two shikomizue, Tenku no Koto and Gekido no Chikyu.

Devil FruitsEdit

He has no Devil Fruit ability.


He is capable of using Haoshoku Haki and is an expert at Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.



Mina Young: Ryonel and Mina are on very good terms. He is protective of Mina because she isn't physically strong like the rest of the crew and can't fend for herself. They often joke around and always have a lot of fun. Ryonel never gets angry at Mina, however, the same can't be said for Mina. She gets angry at Ryonel a lot and often smack him on the back of the head with a pan whenever, he gets into dangerous fights. Both Ryonel and Mina have a crush on each other but they don't it.


Britham D. Leo: Leo is Ryonel's father.

Claire: Claire is Ryonel's mother.


Bounty HistoryEdit

All of Ryonel's bounties were gain while he was under the epithet "Mask of Anger".

First Bounty: 19, 000, 000 beli

Reason: Killing countless Marines that follow Absolute justice.

Second Bounty: 23, 000, 000 beli

Reason: For killing Marine Captain Freewill.

To understand the first part of Ryonel's history, read Cleon's history.


Ryonel was born in 1499 AOP and like his ancestors, he was a prodigy in swords and Haki. However, unlike his ancestors, Ryonel was told of his heritage by his father but he did not stand by Cleon's decision. He had hated Cleon for it because he wanted to be a king. Because of Ryonel's hatred towards Cleon, Leo (Ryonel's father) did not hand over to him Tenku no Koto and Gekido no Chikyu.

In 1512 AOP, Leo, Claire (Ryonel's mother), and Ryonel went on a cruise, at the same time as when the Tenryuubito was going towards Goa Kingdom on Dawn Island (where Luffy came from). The cruise ship went in the Tenryuubito's ship's path and Saint Jalmack ordered his men to attack the cruise ship and take everyone as slaves, as punishment for getting in their path.

Everyone, including Leo, Claire, and Ryonel was captured and taken as a hostage. Leo and Ryonel was put into a jail cell until they would reach the Holy Land of Mariejois, while Claire was going to be Saint Jalmack's next wife because of her dazzling beauty and great figure. When she was brought up to Saint Jalmack, she had insulted him and demanded to be put back with her family and Saint Jalmack shot and killed her. He had her corpse brought back to Leo and Ryonel's jail cell to disturb them. Her lifeless body was brought back to the jail cell and Leo was horrified, while Ryonel cried out for hours.

The Great EscapeEdit

After Saint Jalmack was finished visiting Goa Kingdom, they headed back to Mariejois. Leo and Ryonel had been plotting an escape plan the whole time. The had spent over a week plotting the escape plan and they had to make sure that it was perfect. Cleon used his Devil Fruit ability to bring out Tenku no Koto and Gekido no Chikyu. He also brought two plain katanas for Ryonel to use. They both cut the jail cell and started rampaging around the ship's prison cells and freed everyone. They all attacked the guards and picked up weapons. Everyone was running and following Leo to find a way out of the ship. Saint Jalmack was told of the escape and since he didn't want to relive the horror of Fisher Tiger helping everyone escape, he had ordered for all the slaves to be killed.

The escapees made their way to the deck with little casualties and started getting on the escape boats. Leo and Ryonel were the last people on the escape boat because they had to fend off the guards. Ryonel got on but Leo had to stay behind and release the escape boat. Ryonel was against this but Leo had already asked everyone to hold Ryonel back while Leo stayed behind. The boat was released and Leo was about to jump off until a tough enemy appeared and held him back.


During the time the escape boat was released, a storm rolled in and is now raining heavily with lots of lightning. Because of the huge waves, the escape boat was pushed away from the Saint Jalmack's ship and is headed out further towards the sea. Although everyone was unaware of it at the time when they escaped but they were already in the Grand Line. The weather at the begginning of the Grand Line is unpredictable and it was constantly changing. Finally after a week, the weather calmed down and became mainly warm, signs that they are heading towards a summer island.

When everyone noticed that an island was nearby, some started paddling with their hands towards it and others were calling out for help and waving their hands out like crazy. While eveyone was doing that, everyone except for Ryonel failed to notice that a pirate ship was getting behind them. Ryonel yelled at everyone to jmp out of the boat while he had already jumped out himself but before anyone could react to Ryonel, the pirate ship shot the escape boat and sunk it in flames while killing everyone and from that stems Ryonel's hatred for pirates because they are heartless scum.

Ryonel became furious that everyone around him kept dying, so he jumped onto the pirate ship and started attacking everyone. He had slashed most of the crew half dead and killed some of the more stronger members surrounding the captain. He finally made his way to the captain and the moment before he started his attack, the pirate ship was being bombarded by cannonballs from a Marine battleship. Coming from the island was a Marine battleship and Vice Admiral Doberman was standing right at the front.

Ryonel was glad to see Marines because he thought that the captain was going to get what he deserved but instead Doberman had said over a loud speaker to the captain that apparently one of his crew had betrayed him (referring to Ryonel) and ordered for the pirate ship to be sunk. Ryonel knew that Doberman had mistaken him for a pirate so he did nothing and jumped out of the ship before the ship got destroyed and sunk, along with the pirates.

While Ryonel jumped out of the pirate ship, he saw that some of the people that the pirates shot at were still alive. Ryonel popped out of the water and carried a heavily injured man. He got the survivors to get aroudn him so that the Marines could notice them. Ryonel yelled out that their a civilians here and that the Marines should save them. Doberman knew that they were civilians but he still thought that Ryonel was a pirate and ordered his crew to shoot Ryonel with the cannons and if civilians get caught in the attack, then that was just a sacrifice that they had to make to get rid of pirate scum. This is where Ryonel's hatred for Marines that follow Absolute Justice came from. Because of Ryonel's super human endurance, he survived the attack but was knock unconcious and sunk in the water. Everyone else was killed.

Back From the DeadEdit

Ryonel woke up and immediately realized that he was alive. He looked around and noticed that he was in a room with only a bed, beside table, and a drawer. The was a window near his bed that was shining light in and a door leading into his room was open and a man was standing there. That man was none other than his father. Leo explained that he had defeated the strong guard on Saint Jalmack's ship with ease and then jumped into the water but because the escape boat drifted away far from his sight, he wasn't able to save everyone.

Leo saw a weird look in his son's eyes, so he asked what was wrong. Ryonel answered that he had finally understood his ancestor, Cleon's decision to gave up the position of king for the sake of his son because he didn't want his son to end up like the Tenryuubito. Leo felt proud for his son to have been able to figure it out and handed over to Ryonel Tenku no Koto and Gekido no Chikyu. After that, Leo said that he will train Ryonel in Nitoryu and Haki in the forest that's in the middle of the island. Leo stated that he had asked the civilians about the forest and everyone had answered that the forest was home to dangerous creatures and that any sane person shouldn't step in there. After Ryonel heard this he wanted to run away but he didn't because he found a purpose in life and decided to defeat any evil pirates and defeat any Marines that follow Absolute Justice.

Hunter (1522 AOP, Pre Time Skip)Edit

After ten years of training, Ryonel had became a near master of Nitoryu and is proficient at Haki. He had setted off from the island for the first time in ten years. He had already made a name for himself as a bounty hunter during the ten years of training because for tests, his father would make him defeat big name pirates and as a bonus, he would get their bounty. After ten years, he gained the nickname "Shogun". However, also in those ten years, he had also attack Marines but only Marines that follow Absolute Justice. He dons on a mask and cloak to hide his identity to not make his day life difficult. He also gained another nickname "Mask of Anger" and a 19, 000, 000 beli bounty.

Journeying the Grand LineEdit

Ryonel had left the island that he had made his home for the past ten years. Now, he was pursuing his dream and is setting off. He plans to get rid of as many pirates as he can and get rid of Absolute Justice completely. When the island that Ryonel had set off from was completely out of sight, he checked his Log Pose to make sure that he was going the right way but he had forgotten to put it on and the Log Pose was still on his desk at home. Ryonel was shocked at how he could forget such an important item. Luckily for Ryonel, a pirate ship was sailing off in the distance. He boarded the pirate ship without anyone noticing and hid in a crate.

In a couple of hours, the pirate ship had made it to Popock Island at around 6 am but the people on the island were already wide awake and moving about doing work or children would run around playing. Everyone on the stopped what they were doing and saw the pirate ship moving closer to the island. The women and children ran to hide and the men all grouped around the dock with weapons hidden behind their backs. They all had waited nervously for the pirates to come down but not even one pirate came down. 20 minutes later, groups of pirates that were tied up were being dropped down. Eventually, the captain was dropped down and Ryonel jumped off the pirate ship asking if any Marines were around. All the men were shocked to see "Shogun" Ryonel, a famous bounty hunter in their town. Ryonel stood there and in a moment, he had unsheated one of his sword, slashed the ship apart and then sheated his sword.


Ryonel finds out that there is a Marine base in that town but the Marines there won't do anything to help the civilians unless they pay their taxes regularly and the townspeople didn't pay the monthly taxes this month. This infuriated Ryonel and grabbing the pirate captain by the hair, he had dragged him all the way to the Marine base. When he got there, the Marines were lining up in two rows with a high ranking Marine walking down the middle. The high ranking Marine claimed himself to be Marine Captain Freewill. Freewill thanked Ryonel and gave Ryonel the 7, 000, 000 beli that the pirate captain had. After the exchange, Freewill said that while the Marines were getting their weapons ready, Ryonel had already defeated the pirates and that's why the Marines weren't there to save the civilians. Ryonel, immediately, knew that that was a lie but ignored it and left.

Ryonel made it back to the town and when everyone saw him, they all ran up to Ryonel and dragged him into a restaurant. They rested him down on a seat in the middle of the restaurant. They thanked him for saving Popock Town and gave him a free banquet in their best restaurant with their best chef. They called out for Chef Mina to come out and introduce herself. From the back, a girl about the same age as Ryonel jumped out and quickly brought out a giant cleaver. She ran towards Ryonel and attempted to slash him. While remaining seated and using one hand to eat some appetizers, without even looking, Ryonel had blocked the slash with Gekido no Chikyu.

Fateful MeetingEdit

Mina moved backed and apologized to Ryonel. She claimed that she was just testing his strength to see if he really did defeat the pirates. They both stared into each other's eyes for a minute or two. Ryonel was about to accept her apology until Freewill walked in and arrested Mina for attacking an innocent person. Freewill knocked Mina unconcious and the other Marines handcuffed her and dragged her away. Ryonel knew that this was somehow set up for Mina to be taken away and asked one of the townspeople to tell him about her past and an elderly man walked up and told Ryonel of her past.

Ryonel knows about Mina's past now and he is furious. Being a bounty hunter, he can't do anything against the Marines without getting arrested himself, so he just waited until nighttime to attack. At night, Ryonel puts on his mask and cloak and went to the Marine base. He had started an all out raid on the Marine base. He had knocked out every Marine unconcious with the back of his swords. Eventually, he had made his way to the jail cells of the Marine base, where Freewill stood waiting. Freewill was furious but in one swift movement, Ryonel had killed Freewill. Ryonel found the key and opened Mina's cage. Mina looked scared and glad at the same time to see Ryonel (Mask of Anger at the time). Mina noticed something weird and familiar about Ryonel when she looked at his eyes inside the mask. Ryonel, scared to have his identity found out, knocked Mina unconcious and brought her back to the town.

Meanwhile, at the town, the townspeople has had enough of Freewill's dictator-like rule over them and decided to attack the Marine base. All the men got there weapons at the ready and prepared to charge up the path towards the Marine base. Before they started moving, Ryonel appeared while carrying an unconcious Mina in his arms. The townspeople were shocked to see "Mask of Anger", a pirate famous for killing high ranking Marines in front of them. Ryonel gently set Mina down on the ground and ran away.

A New NakamaEdit

The next day, when Mina awoke, she immediately asked for where Ryonel was. Her parents were there and her father said that he was setting off now to search for the "Mask of Anger" (which is basically an excuse to get away from the island). Mina ran out of bed and ran out of her house towards the dock. When she got to the docks, she saw Ryonel packing supplies onto his ship. Mina went up behind him and asked why he had saved her to which he replied that he had no idea what she was talking about. She exclaimed that she knew that he and the "Mask of Anger" were one person. Ryonel was shocked that she had figured it out and asked how she knew. She answered that his eyes and the "Mask of Anger"'s eyes had the same look. She, then, asked if she could journey with him because she was afraid that if stayed on the island, the Marines would capture her again. Ryonel thought about it for a while and finally answered yes.

The Next IslandEdit

Ryonel and Mina was sailing towards the next island that the Log Pose was pointing too. During the trip, Mina had stated that was she not only a world class chef but also an expert at navigation which would greatly help Ryonel on his journey. They made it to the next island without any problems and immediately when they got to Kihty Island, pirates were already stirring up trouble. Ryonel grabbed his swords and Mina grabbed her giant cleaver but before they had even begun making a stance, all of the pirates are on the ground and in the middle of the group of defeated pirates stood a very large man holding a bags of chips and eating it. Ryonel and Mina are surprised but they hadn't said anything and Mina put her weapon down. Ryonel held on to his swords and was staring at the large man with him staring back. Mina was getting creeped out so she wanted to leave and tugged Ryonel's sleeve so that he would go with her but in an instant, the large man appeared at Ryonel's side and did a palm thrust at Ryonel. Ryonel blocked it with his scabbard but he was still pushed away at an incredibly high speed that a normal human eye wouldn't be able to follow. Ryonel was blasted through a building and hit and stopped at a brick wall. Ryonel was about to ask him why he attacked Ryonel but he didn't ask the question because he was fascinated at the fact that an extremely large man attacked him with such speed and force.

A New RivalEdit

Ryonel drew his swords and ran towards the large man. Ryonel tried to slash the large man but he simply stopped the attack with his palm. Ryonel was surprised but knew that it was Haki that stopped his attack. He was about to attack again but the large man got behind him and did a palm thrust that pushed Ryonel into the ground hard. Ryonel attacked him got up but was pushed into the ground again. Ryonel tried to get up but was pushed into the ground again. This time, the large man didn't stop using his palm thrust and he continously used his palm thrust at Ryonel. Ryonel continued taking the palm thrusts and waited for an opening. Mina ran up to the large man with her giant cleaver and jumped into the air, ready to slash the large man with her giant cleaver.but the large man continuing to do palm thrusts on Ryonel with one hand and used his other hand to break Mina's giant cleaver. The blade of the giant cleaver fell into the sea and Mina was left holding only a wooden handle. The large man stated that his name was Po and he had no intention of hurting Mina.

Both Ryonel and Mina were surprised at how calm his voice was. He had never stopped attacking Ryonel with palm thrusts, so Ryonel couldn't find an opening. Ryonel decided to block the next palm thrust with his blades and it worked. Po stopped using palm thrusts and jumped backwards, getting ready for the next attack. Ryonel got out of the giant hole that Po made by crushing Ryonel's body repeatidly into the ground. Ryonel ran at a high speed and managed to get a strike on Po. Po now has a large cut across his chest and is bleeding heavily. Po was surprised that Ryonel was standing after his barrage of palm thrusts. Before Ryonel or Po could make another move, Marines showed up. The Marines stated that Ryonel was a bounty hunter and not a pirate like Po had mistaken him for. The Marines also stated that Po was a bounty hunter also but he only stays in Rihty Town to protect the people.


"I finally understand Cleon's decision now...He didn't want to be king because he didn't want his son to grow up and be a selfish ruler like the Tenryuubito...I can't believe I didn't understand it right away" ~Ryonel stated to Leo.

"The Tenryuubito are just pieces of trash! What the hell do they do besides buying slaves and treating other human life like it's nothing! If you ask me, the Tenryuubito are worse than pirate scum!" ~Ryonel rants.


  • He holds both of his swords in reverse grip, like "Bohemian Knight" Doma.

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