Its a riotScratchmen apoo ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♦۞♦▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔​Fuf Fuf, This one is going to be a riot! Well Duh, it is owned by Kage, so of course naturally it would be a riot! So now do you really dare to take a peek?

"Yo check it out! Scratchmen says Brother Be’Bop is going to rock out. So turn dah funk up and tremble before the craziest user ever. Or I will play a deathly funk for yah and show yah to your graves"

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How are you doin tonight! Now give it up for the King of Funk and your Brother of the scratch and with that hip-hop! Funk-Dunks give it up for! Brother Be’Bop!
— Brother Be'Bop's entrance speech

Brother Be'Bop
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip

Brother Be'Bop post-time skip

Japanese Name: 弟ビバップ
Romanized Name: Brother Be'Bop
English Name: Brother Be'Bop
First Appearance:  ????
Affiliations: The Halloween Pirates, Kabuki Division
Occupations: Performer of The Halloween Pirates/ Disc Jockey
Epithet: The King of Funk (ファンクの王様, Ouja no Fanku?)
Japanese VA:
Age: 48 (debut)
50 (after timeskip)
Birthday: Nov. 16st
Height: 5'7
Bounty: Bsymbol10 97,000,000
strong points:
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Deji Deji no Mi
English Name: DJ-DJ Fruit
Meaning: DJ or Disc Jockey
Type: Paramecia
“The King of Funk”, Brother Be’Bop (弟ビバップ,Brother Be’Bop) is a member of the Halloween Pirates, he is a member of Kabuki Division. Originally Brother Be’Bop was a very famous music star who had become just as famous as Brook.

But Brother Be’Bop had been caught and it was revealed that he was having several affairs with young noble women. Stealing thousands of belis from several charities he had done and using it for his gain, he was arrested and tried for the crimes. Sent to impel down level 2, he thought that he had spent his days there.

But when Luffy and company had broken out, Brother Be’Bop had joined them. Helping taking out several of the guards and escaped with his life, he then came across Samhain D. Miedo and the Halloween crew. Seeing that Be’Bop was a skilled performer he had asked him to the join the crew. Brother Be’Bop agreed and now is a member of the Kabuki division working as a thief with Izumo and Mr. Bow Bows.

With a bounty of Bsymbol10 75,000,000 for such crimes as, having his way with several Noblewomen. Stealing from several charities he had done, his own destruction of several Marine vessels. His own attack on the impel down staff, escaping impel down and becoming a member of the Halloween Pirates. With this Brother Be’Bop wants to become the most famous music star in the new Era of Halloween.


Brother Be’Bop is an older man, he is a colored man with a bald head and long flowing bread. During the per-time skip, he had worn monk vestments. Believing since he is a “brother of the Funk” referring to as if he was a monk. He wore a black monks robe, with a Monk’s Kesa and a pair of Geta sandals. He often was seen with a boa around his neck and he is famous for a pair of headphones he wears with the number “3” on the sides of the headphones.

After the post-time skip and currently, he now wears a flashy suit. He has a dark red suit shirt, with a pair of black pants. He seemed to have kept his geta shoes, with red tabi socks and over his red suit shirt he has a long purple fur coat. With a white lining and trim, he also now wears a pair of glass on the tip of his nose. Several bracelets on his arms, rings and a few beaded necklaces. He still wears his iconic headphones with the number “3” on the sides of the ears and still has his long white beard.

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