The Chaji Chaji no Mi (or Charge-Charge fruit/can also be called Ram-Ram Fruit) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that turnes the user into a Charging-human/Ramming-human.


The Chaji Chaji no Mi is a large rhombust apple looking fruit. It has an impact pattern only on the center of it, while the rest of it is striped yellow and orange.


This fruits powers has two stages that the user can utilize to his/her desire.

  1. Stage 1 allows the user to develope a hardened cast around their forehead and along their temples down to their chin. Harder than the strongest metal, the user can charge at tremendous speed headfirst into any obstacle in their way sending it crumbling to the ground.
  2. Stage 2 sends the user into a comatose state. With their entire body casted, they "re-charge" their energy in order to fight.

The user can also typically headbutt a person which would hurt immensly.


The user only charges in a straight line. Given that the target they're charging at is fast enough, they can dodge their attacks with ease.

In their comatose stage, it takes a set amount of time for the user to recharge their energy depending on the amount of damage taken upon them. The longer the wait, the more time the enemy can do what they want.

Other weaknesses include:

  • Vulnerability to Seastone
  • Cannot swim
  • Attacks can be dodged if fast enough or timed right