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Chozo Chozo no Mi
Japanese Name: 銅像銅像の果実
English Name: Statue Statue Fruit (4Kids)
Meaning: To turn into a rock and/or concrete body.
First Appearance: One World
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Unknown

The Chozo Chozo no Mi (銅像銅像の果実 Statue Statue Fruit) is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit. The person who eats this fruit will become a Statue Man; capable of transforming their body into a rock/statue that is incredibly durable.

Apperance Edit

A reddish-gray cantaloupe, or rockmelon, with the traditional swirls of a devil fruit.


Initially, the user can turn his body rock hard. It can also turn parts of his body to a contrete-like substance, which he could then theoretically peel off with a knife. When the user turns his body rock hard he appears to have normal skin, but several parts of the users body turn light grey showing he had become rock hard. Yet the user can turn his skin completely to a statue-like form and make his body as hard as he possibly can.

Of course, this is all just initially. The true edge (pardon the pun) of this fruit is it's variety. Rocks and minerals come in many forms. Some of these can conduct electricity, some can't. Some even create electricity by being sqeezed, a trait often used by past users of this fruit for electric punches, and similar. Some are slick, like graphite, and can be used for a speedy edge. Some even tamper with their own living parts, turning their own nerves to a sort of silver-copper ore for a conductive edge in the thick of battle. And some are simply content to armhammer their way to victory with arm-clubs made of rubies. This fruit suffers from all the standard weaknesses of devil fruits, and cannot transform into seastone, naturally.


This fruit suffers at the hands of the common devil fruit weaknesses. 


The fruit's greatest weakness is his lack of mobility. 

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