The Crescent Moon Pirates are a group of pirates led by Triton. The crew is rather large, and based off of other pirate armadas such as Don Krieg's and Whitebeard's. It has eight divisions, each with 100 people in it, and a commander to lead them. Some commanders also have a position on the crew to fill, such as a sniper or shipwright. Some crew members, usually division commanders, sometimes leave the ship to take on special missions outside the crew's area of control.

The crew began when Triton began his pirate journey from the South Blue. As he progressed throughout the Grand Line, they picked up many more crew members, and established their armada. Despite attacks from various government organizations and other pirates, they have survived and are now preparing to break through the Yonkou barrier in the New World.

Captain: Triton

Division Commanders

  1. Maxus
  2. Jerec
  3. Slate
  4. Hakate
  5. Crow
  6. Van Helsing
  7. Xavier
  8. Verse