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Daichi Hayato
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Name. Daichi Hayato
Species. Human.
Birthday. October twenty first.
Age. 23 Pre-Timeskip.

25 Post-Timeskip.

Gender. Male.
Height. 170 CM. Pre-Timeskip.

170 CM. Post-Timeskip.

Weight. One Hundred twenty (lbs). Pre-Timeskip.

One Hundred twenty three (lbs) Post-Timeskip.

Eye Colour. Green.
Hair Colour. White
Professional Status.
Personal Status.

Daichi Hayato, also known as The White Fang is a Pirate and the captin of the White Fang Pirates, his dream is to become the world's strongest man and believes that attaining such power is the only way of having real freedom. As a pirate Hayato has traveled the seas, became friends with many people all over the world and recruited the members of his crew.

Having caused many problems to the World Governmet, Hayato has gained the incredibly high bounty of 200 million Beli before the time skip, only for it to increase after the time skip, reaching the bounty of 440 million Beli. he was born in the North Blue and has eaten a Paramecia class devil fruit called Jūryō Jūryō no Mi


Hayato is a short white haired young man, his hair is spiky and his eyes are green. His attire consists of a white shitagi (下着, under clothing), a black kosode (小袖, small sleeve), a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, and a white tabi (足袋, foot pouch).

After the time skip, Hayato's attire didn't change much but his hair style seemed diffrent, and his hair became much more spiky then it was before.


Abilities and Powers


Hayato's skills with a sword are incredible, before the timeskip Hayato had some problems with cutting steel but he later managed to overcome that weakness, his cutting power is now much more impresssive as he can easily cut through steel as if it's paper and even cut down a Pacifista with ease, like other skilled swordmen Hayato has what is called the "power of destruction" that allows him to produce flying slashes and thrusts from air.

Physical Strength

Hayato has an incredible rate of physical strength, oddly enough Hayato was previously much weaker physically at the beginning of his career as a pirate, however after repeated usage of his Devil Fruit, Hayato has made his body heavier and denser several times and trained himself and his muscles to handle the extra weight and density, especially during the timeskip which earned him superhuman levels of power, to the point that shattering rock or steel has become very easy for him.


Hayato is quite agile and fast, his dodging abilities are impressive and his reflexes are very sharp, even before he learned the usage of Kenbunshou Haki. Along with the usage of his Devil Fruit, Hayato can remove weight from his body to make himself exetremly light and fast, when doing that Hayato can dodge a bullet at point blank range with ease and move at blinding speeds.


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Devil Fruit

For further information: Devil Fruit Name Jūryō Jūryō no Mi


Type, Paramecia Class Devil Fruit

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Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments




Allies/ Friends




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