Dolly Lisa
Japanese Name: ドリー・リサ
Romanized Name: Dorī Risa
English Name: Dolly Lisa
First Appearance: Fanon
Affiliations: Guernica Island; Little Benny (former)
Occupations: Art collector; Antique trader
Japanese VA: Miina Tominaga
Age: 24
Height: 165 cm
strong points:

Dolly Lisa (ドリー・リサ Dorī Risa?) is a citizen from Guernica Island, an art collector, antiques trader and a former partner of Little Benny in this business.



Dolly's color scheme.

Dolly Lisa is a young woman, with a slender figure and average height. She has long, large, blonde hair, that reaches slightly below her elbows. She wears a headband with dog ears on them, and a beret with a floral pattern, that can also be seen in her clothes. Her face resembles that of a dog, just like Little Benny's style makes him look like an ox.

Her overall look and demeanor makes her look like a nun. She wears a long, white dress, that is adorned with frills. Her collar is large, white, closed on the front going down to cover her shoulders and has a small crucifix. The dress sections into three parts, two of them containing the floral pattern found on her beret. She wears white shoes with small flower designs on them.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dolly is not a fighter. However, given the profession she has chosen to have, it is common for her to be a victim of assault and theft. Because of that, she has trained herself to be a capable opponent, and created effective methods of fighting.



Dolly's "Holy Water".

Dolly's main weapon is her designated "Holy Water" (聖水 Seisui?). However, this substance is nothing but a transparent, liquid and acidic poison, that is used to burn her opponents. She has only revealed an attack with her Holy Water, even though it is just a spill of it.

  • Seisui Sandan (聖水酸弾 Seisui Sandan?, literally meaning "Holy Water Acid Bullet/Shot"): Dolly approaches her target and opens the bottle of Holy Water. She then proceeds to release the acid and spills it over the target, injuring them. Following her theme, she usually refers to this attack as "exorcism".


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