A violet watermelon with black musical notes all over it.


With this fruit, the eater can control the decibels, or loudness of sound & even manipulate it to increase the eater's other abilities. For example, the eater can turn their hand as if turning a knob & cause deafness in opponents by lowering the decibels of sound waves. If the user is a talented musician or swordsman, they could also manipulate the pressures of decibels to create even stronger attacks.


To use some of the fruit's more powerful qualities, the eater must be extremely talented with music or swordsmanship, making the powers of these abilities measured by their own talent.



  • Dondo Dondo Earplugs

Robert turns his fingers as if turning a knob to cause deafness to a number of opponents.

  • Dondo Dondo Rock Star

Robert increases his opponents' hearing & utilizes his instruments to blow out their eardrums.

  • Dondo Dondo Swordsmanship

Robert uses his katana to utilize a number of techniques that usually involve cuts that travel through the air, happening seconds later, done by summoning the high pressures of decibels to make Robert's sword push air into a cut.

Ultimate TechniquesEdit

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