Eda Ed no Mi

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Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name: Limb Limb fruit
Meaning: Limb
Type: Paramecia
Power: Create replacement limbs and Organs
Eaten By: Necros
Creator: 13th madman


The Eda Eda no Mi is a paramecia devil fruit that allows the user to create replacement limbs and organs. It was eaten by Necros.


A green and white pear.


This fruit works by allowing the user to create limbs or organs, which can then be attached to any living animal or person. Initially, the body parts created are merely intangible images. However, they become solid when attached to a body, as they will build themselves out of the DNA of the body in question. This means that each limb will effectively be the nearest equivalent possible for the body it is attached to. For instance, a clawed limb can be created, which if attached to a person will generate the claws out of enamel and keratin, the hard substances in the body that make teeth and nails. This also makes the limbs immediately functional without further surgery, as the person's body will have been altered to possess the necessary nerves, blood vessels, or skin needed to support the limb.



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.