Emperor Pose
Japanese Name: 天来指針(エンペラーポース)
Romanized Name: Enperā Pōsu
English Name: Emperor Pose; Sky Compass (4Kids)
First Appearance: Fanon
Purpose: Sky Island compass
Owner(s): Various
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The Emperor Pose (天来指針(エンペラーポース) Tenrai Shishin (Enperā Pōsu)?, literally translated as "Heavenly Compass Needle") is a special type of compass designed for Sky Islands, and a variation of the Log Pose. It was created by [[]].

The Emperor Pose resembles an armillary sphere with a needle suspended inside it. Unlike the Log Pose, however, it is golden.

Its purpose is to track the magnetic waves released from each island, however, because it is used in Sky Islands, it was modified to work better in the sky. Because of the unique composition of the Sky Islands and the growth of the new giant beanstalk in Nooath, the Emperor Pose was designed to adapt to those differences.

Emperor Pose OwnersEdit

  • [[]] (creator, later given to Jasmine)