Fantastico 002


Age: 20(pre-time skip) 22(post times kip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: B+
Birthdate: 15th June
Height: 1,98cm
Weight : 95kg
Island of Origin: South Blue
Occupation: (Bounty Hunter),Pirate
Epithet: Super Crazy
Crew: (Knight Pirates), Jester Pirates
Position :Swordsman

Bsymbol 72,000,000

Dream :To become the best swordsman

Fanstatico was the swordsman of the Knight Pirates. He joined his captain Helmet Ajax in changing from the Knight Pirates to the Jester Pirates. His sword seems to have absorbed a zoan devil fruit, the Neko-Neko no Mi: Model Sabretooth Tiger. He is a capable swordsman on his own without his devil-fruit sword. He has the joint second highest bounty in the Jester Pirates, with a bounty of Bsymbol 72 000 000. He is the oldest among the prominent male crewmembers. His first bounty was Bsymbol45 000 000. It is unknown the increase in his bounty was for his attack on Glowing Island or because he owns the Roaring Sword. As his wanted poster is shown this time Fanstatico & Roaring sword- Bsymbol72 000 000. If that's the case his sword alone have a bounty of Bsymbol27 000 000 .


He has short messy blonde hair. He is shirtless but he wears a medieval knight armor bottom. A standard dark green pirate sash. He carries his sword on his left side slid in his pirate sash while carry his first sword on his right hand. He got the Jolly Roger of the Knight Pirates tattooed on his back. On his fingers he has the word N-O-T on his right and F-U-N-N-Y on his left fingers. Depends which sword he uses he will put Fasso on his ride side when using Roaring Sword or put Roaring sword on his left side while using Fasso


Fanstatico is free-spirited, foul-mouth, often with a blatant disregard for rules. Even though he hates rules(wears nothing like a samurai), he maintain Bushido to a certain degree. One of his bizzare behavior is that his mood can swing at any time from lively,happy,singing to serious,angry,furious and vice versa in seconds.
He isn't as blood thirsty as people seem him to be as noted by his crew especially Subarashii and Elana, Roaring Sword being a carnivore zoan sword is more blood thirsty than him therefore it's the reason roaring sword jumps out from his hand when it desire more from Fanstatico.