Fomu Fomu no Mi

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Translation: Form Form Fruit
English Name: Masked-Masked Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Power: Transform into anthropomorphics by wearing masks
Eaten By: Marcus Soarian
Creator: Chopper Fan

The Fomu Fomu no Mi is a Paramecia class devil fruit that allows the user to change forms depending on the mask the user wears. "Fomu-Fomu" means form-form in Japanese. It was eaten by Marcus Soarian, and is often mistaken for a Zoan Class Devil Fruit.


The Fomu Fomu no Mi looks like a bundle of purple grapes that have blue swirls on each grape.


The devil fruit's major strength is that the user can change forms depending on which mask that the user wears. This gives the user the ability of any zoan fruit. The user can also shrink the masks into much smaller sizes for be able to store them easily for better convenience. The user can turn into a bird to fly over the water to prevent drowning. He can also transform into a fishman allows him so he can breathe underwater, but he will not be able to move.


The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. If one of the user's masks is destroyed while the user is wearing it, the user will revert back to his/her original form.


Marcus uses his devil fruit ability to change himself and others into anthropomorphic animals. He believes that people should chose what race they want to be. He will put a mask of what the other wants to be, whether it's a fishman, mermaid, anthropomorphic animals, etc.



  • Marcus is known for accidentally mixing up masks in serious situations.
  • Marcus is known to play pranks on Sharon by putting masks on her unexpectedly.
  • If the user cannot make realistic masks, then the fruit is pretty much a dud, because all masks must be made by the user and be realistic.
  • If the user puts a mask on a zoan type devil fruit user, the zoan type cannot change into their form unless the mask is of the exact specie of animal the zoan user is. but they cannot turn into a human form, and are stuck in either full, or halfway point.