Fukugen Fukugen no Mi

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Japanese Name: Fukugen Fukugen no Mi
English Name: Restore Restore Fruit
Meaning: Restore
Type: Paramecia
Power: To restore anything
Eaten By: Unnamed Woman
Creator: Highestbounty123

The Fukugen Fukugen no Mi is a Paramecia class Devil Fruit that allows the user to restore anything to what it was before it was damaged.

Strengths And WeaknessesEdit

The main strength of this fruit is that the user can restore broken things into what they were before they were broken or affected by some other Devil Fruit, The user can restore things like missing skin, Bones and even a feeling that was lost in a short period of time yet the feeling that was lost like hearing will be lost again because it is something that a person cannot deny even if he restored his hearing it will disappear again, The user also can only restore solid things that means the user cannot restore liquid things such as blood or water that was dried up by the sun, Also even if a user restores a person body to its original form the person will still be dead only the body is restored.

The user doesn't need the remaining of the broken object or person meaning the user can restore anything out of nothing yet it is limited to what the user can restore out of nothing because it only works on things that grow back or heal on there own such as bones can heal after a period of time thus the user can restore it to its original form.