Gourmet Dance

Japanese Name: 猛烈食器 (グルメ・ダンス)
Romanized Name: Gurume Dansu
English Name: Gourmet Dance
Literal Meaning: Violent Tableware
User(s): Nori
Fighting Style Focus: Tableware
First Appearance: Fanon

Gourmet Dance (猛烈食器 (グルメ・ダンス) Gurume Dansu?, literally meaning "Violent Tableware") is Nori's trademark fighting style. It revolves around the usage of giant kitchen utensils and dishware to attack her opponents in unique ways.

Combined with Nori's surprisingly superhuman strength, the usage of her tools in battle create a versatile and strong method of combat. Because of the sheer size of her weapons, it is clear that Nori pulls them out from hammer space.


Gourmet Dance AttacksEdit

  • ' ( ()? literally meaning ""):


  • Tasse Dance (大杯暴 (タース・ダンス) Tāsu Dansu?, literally meaning "Giant Wine Glass Violence"): "Tasse" is French for "spoon".
  • Home Run (ホームラン Hōmuran?):
  • Cup Crash (盃潰 (カップ・クラッシュ) Kappu Kurasshu?, literally meaning "Glass Breaking"):
  • Chomp Chomping (ムシャムシャ・チョンピング Mushamusha Chonpingu?, literally meaning "Chomping Chomping"):

  • ' ( ()? literally meaning ""):


  • Cuiller Dance (黒匙暴 (クイエー・ダンス) Kuiē Dansu?, literally meaning "Black Spoon Violence"): The word "Cuiller" is French for "spoon".
  • Tenkomori (天こ盛 Tenkomori?, literally meaning "Spoonful"):
  • ' ( ()? literally meaning ""):