Guadalupi Style
Guadalupi Style

Romanized Name: Wadarupi Kenpo
English Name: Guadalupi Style
Literal Meaning: Guadalupe
User(s): Maria Olelarte
Fighting Style Focus: Fighting while dancing jotas
First Appearance: Unknown
Guadalupi Style is a fighting style used by Maria Olelarte.


Noche de Peloche (Peloche Night) - Maria hits the enemy with her musical baton. Peloche is a village of the Extremaduran municipality of Herrera del Duque.

Castañuela de Garbayuela (Garbayuela Castanet) - Maria throws special castanets towards the enemy that explode when they touch them. Garbayuela is an Extremaduran town.


Guadalupi is the Extremaduran name for Guadalupe, a famous town in Extremadura.

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