Guardian Pirates
Japanese Name: ガーディアンの海賊団
Romanized Name: Gādian no Kaizokudan
English Name: Guardian Pirates
Main Ship: Hades
First Appearance: Fanon
Captain: Guardian
Total Bounty: At least Bsymbol10 465,000,000

The Guardian Pirates (ガーディアンの海賊団 Gādian no Kaizokudan?) is an infamous pirate crew from the New World. It was created and is led by Guardian, one of the Kaisho.

Jolly RogerEdit

The Guardian Pirates' jolly roger is quite simple: it has a skull and its cross-bones, and on the side, two war axes, representing Guardian's weapon choice. The one on the left is standing up, while the one on the right is vertically inverted.

Crew MembersEdit

Guardian Pirates
MugGuardian MugStoack MugMinola MugHalata
Guardian Stoack Minola Halata

Crew StengthEdit

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit