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Gyu Gyu no Mi

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Japanese Name: ギュギュの実
English Name: Grab Grab Fruit
Meaning: Sound of grabbing something
Type: Paramecia
Power: Can grab anything from anything by passing their hand through
Eaten By:



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Gyu Gyu no Mi (lit. Grab Grab Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to grab something tangible or intangible from an non-living objects and living beings and intensely squeeze anything into dust.


The Gyu Gyu no Mi looks like a heart shaped golden tomato with brown swirls.



The strength of this fruit is the user can pass their body through another object (living or non-living) and take something out of it but this is limited to the user's arms. This ability is very beneficial to those who use it for the purpose of stealing.The user can also squeeze anything in their hands into dust or extract liquid out of it like a food processor.

The user can steal intangile objects from other people. This ability is similar to how Barthomew Kuma, the consumer of the Nikyuu Nikyuu no Mi, was able to push out intangile objects such as pain out of people.


The user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. While the user can steal devil fruit abilities, if the target is made of intangible matter, the most likely example is a logia devil fruit user, the user will suffer damage upon touch before being able to steal the ability. The user must use Busoshoku Haki in order to steal from such users.


  • Barin - User pass their arms through containers such as safes, pockets, refrigerators, etc and grab the contents within the storage unit and take it out as both the hand and hold item pass through the objects. The name is a reference to the sound effect of grabbing something before someone else does, or to take something away quickly

  • Recycle -

  • Juice Maker

  • Heart Breaker


  • Gyu is a Japanese sound effect of grabbing, twisting, or squeezing something.