Hahen-Hahen no Mi

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Japanese Name: 破片-破片の実
English Name: Shard-Shard Fruit
Meaning: Shard
Type: Paramecia
Power: Create shards of bone or other solid matter to wound and destroy opponents.
Eaten By: Yokai
Creator: oj48


Hahen Hahen no Mi (lit. Shard Shard Fruit) is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit allows the user to create shards from their body and to create shards out of things those shards touch, the shards are similar to spikes.

The Hahen Hahen no Mi looks like a black dragon-fruit with crimson zig-zag's around it.


The Shard-Shard fruit is used by Yokai, He uses the fruit to create spike like shards from his bones, which he then uses as spears and blades to slash and stab his foes, he has also been known to jam these shards through ships to sink them.


The user can alter their surroundings and their bodies to create anything provided it can be constructed from shard like objects. eg. cages, spikes, blades.


Along with the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, the user of the Shard-Shard Fruit's mind is slowly driven insane, until the individual loses their grip on reality.


Bone Blades

Ground Spike

Shard Armor

Shard Storm

Shattered Mind