Name: Hakate


Epithet: Dark Angel

Bounty: 60,000,000

Profession: 4th Division Commander of Crescent Moon Pirates

Height: About 5 feet, 10 inches.

Appearance: Wears pants like Shanks' but black, with tennis shoes. Wears a blue unbuttoned coat, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and has a silver bracelet on one wrist. Has a pair of headphones around his neck (likes music), and has glasses like General Cross from D. Gray Man. Black hair, short, and wears a captain's coat on his shoulders like Whitebeard and the Admirals (red coat).

Personality: Calm and relaxed, always tired and likes to sleep a lot. In battle, he is serious and analytical, and prefers to keep his distance in combat. He is kind of like Van Augur, relaxed and logical while the rest of the crew is crazy. He likes to have a good time, though.

Weapons: Long revolver (again somewhat like Cross' with out the crosses on the side) that is silver with red and black outlines. This gun is used for short range and when he isn't fighting seriously, and is held on his right hip. He also has a long rifle that looks like Van Augur's, with a long barrel and stock. This used for long range attacks, and is much more powerful. Both guns have rapid-fire capabilities, and are deadly in his hands. He has various types of ammunition, like Usopp, that he makes himself.

Abilities: Like most people in the One Piece world, Hatake has superhuman strength, and near superhuman speed, as fast as Zoro and Sanji at least. He can dodge bullets with ease, and shoot at the same time, and has enough strength to wield his rifle with one hand. His sniping abilities are on level with Yasopp, like being able to shoot a guy on the opposite side of the island. His eyesight is on par with Mihawk, bolstering his sniping abilities. Despite his sniper status, he has abilities at close range too, being able to fight with his guns like clubs and blunt weapons like Benn Beckman.

Haki: Hatake has Kenboshoku haki that aids him in his evasive abilities and sniping skills. He is good enough with this to sense people long distances away for sniping purposes. He also has Busoshoku haki that allows him to shoot and harm logia users.

Devil Fruit: None, but if the Curse Fruit wasn't taken, I probably would have given him that.