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Hiku Hiku no Mi is the property of Kai De Avalon.

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The Devil Fruit

Hiku Hiku no Mi
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Japanese Name: Hiku Hiku no Mi
Japanese Kanji:引く引くの実
English Name: Pull Pull Fruit (As pull is an action I chose the verb form)
Meaning: Pull
Type: Paramecia
Power: "The ability to pull things in any direction."
Eaten By: Rosita Ilses
Creator: Kai-De-Avalon


The Hiku Hiku no Mi give the user ability to pull anything in any direction. Rosita Ilses ate the Hiku Hiku no Mi, during the Time Skip to prevent the power from falling into the hands of a visciously powerful opponent.


The fruit looks like a bright red Durian with a white rope like pattern wrapping around it.


As the user is able to pull anything, Rosita is able to use her power on many things, including objects, people and even non-physical concepts. After dicovering her ability to pull non-physical concepts Rosita realises that she is able to incorporate her powers with her profession as a Doctor, by using her powers she is able to pull out pain from her patients and eventully even the damage itself.




The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


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