Island of Metal Teeth
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Japanese Name:
Romanized Name:
English Name: Island of Metal Teeth
First Appearance: Fanon
Population: 0

Island of Metal Teeth (?) is an island known for its fierce temper and a disturbing habit of moving around.

History[edit | edit source]

The island was brought to life due to an idiot with access to a devil fruit. The Gen'ei Gen'ei no Mi was found on the Island of Metal Teeth by a merchant with a note reading 'Gen'ei Gen'ei no Mi: Do Not Eat (This means you Aimi!)' So of course, if evidence of his clearly superb survival instincts, he ate it, and tried to use it shortly thereafter. This was a mistake.

The island is now inhabited by hundreds of sentient objects, which include books, beds, chests, weapons, cookware, armor, statues, a ship, and the island itself.

As the unfortunate merchant failed to appreciate, the island had previously been known its large waterside cave filled with ore deposits and rare metals that could shred an iron ship. Marines became very aware of this fact after the first ship the newly sentient and highly territorial island decided to bite a ship in half.

Shortly after this, the Marines restricted travel in the area around the island, which mitigated the damage dealt to unwary ships.

...Until a pirate crew found themselves on the island and the island was named Kauri Tetsushima. Pleased with her new name, Kauri followed the crew from a stealthy distance as they sailed away in her sister ship Sestra.

An alert was sent out to all nearby Marine ships that the Island of Metal Teeth had left its place and was loose amongst the populace. A bounty was issued for the rouge island shortly afterward.

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