Itachi Hotaru

Age: 46 (Pre-Time skip)
____, 48 (Post-Time skip)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: AB
Birthdate: 1 March
Height: 6 foot 6
Weight: 100kgs
Island of Origin: Croshen Islands
Occupation: Warrior, Pirate (former)
Epithet: The White Death
Crew: Unknown
Position:Captain (former)
Family: Tsunade Hotaru (wife), The Croshenses High-King (older Brother), Sasuke Hotaru (younger brother), Zero Hotaru (Son), Ayane Hotaru (Daughter), Caleb Necros (son), Anna Hotaru (Daughter-in-Law), Michi Hotaru (grandson), Aya Hotaru (Granddaughter)
Current Bounty: Bsymbol Unknown

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Bsymbol Unknown
Dream: To live
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Itachi is a typical warrior in many respects, he follows a code of honor that more or less dictats his actions in combat and everyday life. However he's also abit of a alcholic and when drunk he has little "adventures". One of these adventures caused the birth of his second son Caleb. Though despite this seemingly honorless act his drunken adventures have led to many great things for his family, many of which he's very proud of. He is also very humble of his skills never saying he alone are the results of his power but his family both past and present.

Abilities and PowersEdit


Itachi is a deadly swordsman leading the Royal Guards requires him to keep his skills deadly or he may be challenged for his position. He's famous for the Black Dragon Slayer technique. What he exactly does with the technique is unknonw as he moves so fast it's near impossible to see it clearly.


Itach is a powerful marksman able to use bow, gun and throwing blades to great effect. While he never carries a gun on his person he can use any he picks up. Normally he carries some hidden throwing blades either up his sleeves or trousers for an added surprise when he throws a punch or kick.

Hand to Hand CombatEdit

Itachi is a master of Hotaru Style Storm Fist only matched by his son and younger brother. Despite his brother being one of the three grand masters of Storm Fist. His role as personal bodyguard to the High-King makes it difficult to fight all the challengers. That being said his skill is so great he can fight while downing a large bottle of booze and still kill his attacker with one strike to the throat.

During the 2 year time skip he trained with his son and learnt White Demon Kempo and manifested his own Aura which took the form of a gold and black dragon.

Physical StrengthEdit

Itachi has incredible strength matching his son easy. He however has problems controlling it when angry or shocked so it's not a good idea to make him jump.


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